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Embark on a fascinating journey filled with happiness and hardship, joy and sorrow.
Genre: Adventure
Discount: 33% off until 4th February 2022, 2 PM UTC.
joveian: Yep, I wishlisted it thanks to your recommendation :), even though it reminds me of Deadlight (although I mostly disliked the horrible story and zombies in that one along with a few sections of frustrating gameplay, otherwise the idea was good; I normally avoid zombie stuff and only tried it because I loved RiME). I like narrative focused games like Falcom games or "wordless narrative" if done well like RiME or My Brother Rabbit or Arise (hopefully), lots of platformers (just played 8doors which is quite good), puzzle games (The Witness, Creaks), card or board games (Card City Nights, Wingspan), sim games (Timberborn, SimCity 3000, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Kerbal Space Program), or games with a good use of music (Botanicula). Sometimes adventure games if they make more sense and have a good narrative, like Röki that wasn't too long (got that one on $6 flash deal, also expensive normally).
Oh yes, RiME was fantastic! I'm a big fan of games from TequilaWorks, "Sexy Brutale" and "The Invisible Hours" (unfortunately not on gog) were amazing, too! And Röki was extremely beautiful, i loved it! I'm a big fan of adventure games, like Broken Sword and The Longest Journey...I'm playing the Black Mirror trilogy at moment, very good series. I'll check your recommendations, they sound interesting! :)