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Get ready for 2 amazing classics from Piko Interactive: Dark Rift and The Humans: Meet the Ancestors! You can get both titles with a -15% launch discount; the offer lasts until February 1, 2 PM UTC.

Dark Rift, first released in 1997, is a 3D fighting game. As a player, you get to choose from 8 playable characters, with two hidden characters who can only be unlocked after completing the single-player mode. You get to fight for a default three-out-of five rounds, in one of the three dimensions of the far future.

The Humans: Meet the Ancestors on the other hand, is a puzzle game first released in 2009. Your quest is to help prehistoric humans evolve, through finding tools such as spears, clubs, rocks, and other items. The game contains 8 worlds with 10 levels each; every level offers three goals and a time limit – if you complete those, you’ll receive the reward of a golden medal.

Take a dive into some retro gaming, now on GOG!
Buyer beware: Dark Rift is using a DxWnd wrapper and does not appear to run on Linux with Wine.

I don't want to offend anyone, because Piko usually does good ports, but this looks kinda shoddy...
Post edited January 26, 2023 by WinterSnowfall