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You and this update = perfect match!

<span class="bold">Reigns</span>, the fantasy simulation where you make card-inal decisions for your kingdom by swiping left or right, recently received a huge free injection of 100+ new cards!

These cards include a brand new character, 3 new deaths, 5 new objectives, and 1 totally fake elephant. That should make for more varied runs but this update also makes reaching the end of the main story slightly more achievable and brings the option to reset your game at any point by holding down "R" for five seconds.

Now, if you want to see how these new cards stack up against the rest, go ahead and shuffle yourself a new playthrough!
I know it's sort of the weekend, but 5 hours have passed and nobody even noticed there's a free update?
No idea how good or bad the original game is, but this is hardly the worst rated at 3.5 stars, nor such a bad seller
(It's upgrade being on page 34 out of 39, the main being on page 28, above We are the Dwarves at 4 Stars rating).
Maybe this post got buried or some forum error?
That's nice of them.
I reinstalled it yesterday to play the new cards. I installed it on Android. The "fake elephant" is the silliest thing, more of a gag. It doesn't add to the gameplay. I'll see the rest soon.
Black Thorny I went to comment on the game's page but it had been hacked.
three posts. new cards for a dead game?
TBH it looks dreadful. I was expecting something like Ascension from the title. I know, graphics aren't everything, but strategy?
nightcraw1er.488: TBH it looks dreadful. I was expecting something like Ascension from the title. I know, graphics aren't everything, but strategy?
It's actually really fun. Very simple, but addictive.
It's probably better suited to mobile really but it's a lot of fun.

There's not a huge amount of strategy (the card order is completely random so each decision is made in isolation) but you do have to try and balance your various aspects of the kingdom so you don't lose (though dying is very much part of it and there are various deaths for you to collect).
It's a great game on a mobile plattform, haven't tried the PC version yet.
But mobile is definitely a better fit for it, it's more of a game for a short break or something like that.
It has light strategy to it, although you only have binary decisions and much randomness involved.

There are 4 values (popularity with the church, common people and the army, and the amount of money your kingdom has), represented by meters without a numeric value. Every decision influences 1-4 of these values, and you get a preview if what values it will influence and if it will influence it weakly or strongly. But it does not tell you if the values will be raised or lowered, but most of the time it's easy to guess. And you lose if any value reaches either zero or the maximum.
What really makes the game enjoyable is the charming and comical way everything is written.