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A Wampa, a Bith, a dark lord of the Sith?

Our grand May the 4th celebration is unfolding in full Force and you should most definitely join. But which outfit will you choose to browse our <span class="bold">Star Wars&trade; Sale</span> with?

May you study it behind the visor of your Stormtrooper helmet? Will you attempt to guess the lineup in your fashionable Jedi robes? Or are you content with taking a calculated shot at it from orbit and just sort through the debris later on? Truth is, it's hard to go wrong with these treasures, but if you want to find just the right selection for you, go ahead and try this highly reliable quiz devised by our expert Ewok team. It may not help you find out which Star Wars movie you like best, but it will absolutely tell you What's your Star Wars profession.

Ready? Jumping to hyperspace in 3...2...1

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Post edited May 04, 2017 by maladr0Id
Yupp, I`m a Dark Lord too.
Master of the Jedi Order. Sad. Since I'm more Chaotic Good than Neutral good or Lawful good.
Quiz is broken i answered like i like to play so it should have given me games that resembles Lando Solo on YT2xxxx but instead it gave me Star Wars Fighter games well guess there is reason why i do not wait any Star Wars game instead i wait Star Citizen and my Caterpillar is ready to burn to the deep side of the galaxy.