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I don't remember all of my softporn adventures either ; )
SirPrimalform: That doesn't make sense. GOG have been able to remove and re-add various games without them suddenly showing up as new purchases. All they needed to do was make a new ID in the store for the new Softporn-free Larry pack and remove the old pack from sale.
Grargar: And then, the new pack would be shown as unowned by old users.
tinyE: But it never left/was removed from my account.
Grargar: That's what you think, unless you are telling me that you never once took your eyes off your screen. Mine was removed for a couple of hours before it returned.
Are your eyes stuck to your screen?!

I've heard peanut butter is good at getting gum out of hair. Like when falling asleep while chewing gum and it drools out onto the pillow and gets caught in the hair. Perhaps peanut butter can unstick your eyes from your screen? But maybe not try the crunchy kind…
mike_cesara: I don't remember all of my softporn adventures either ; )
Well, if by "softporn adventures" you're referring to... uhm... well... our own... um.. sexual encounters... well then by God I remember ALL of my softporn adventures. Both of them.