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When I'm trying to play in campaign for Primitives or Elves, game freezes immediately after starting mission. By some reason, I don't have such problem with Tyrants and Daemons campaign. And there is absolutely no problem, when I'm playing in custom game mode. So it's definitely not the fault of system (I'm playing on Windows 8 64-bit). I've got impression that dialogues shown at the beginning are causing that game freezes... But don't know why, as far as I know, they're shown only as text (no voices reading those dialogue lines), so it shouldn't be the issue with playing sound files with speech.

I'm playing in polish version (don't know if it matters), version 2.0. I was looking for some patch, but without any luck (there is Auto Patch Client file, but it's not working anymore (server is no longer functional).
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Well, the game isn't here so it's unlikely you can get much help. Couple of things, did you make sure to nstall outside of windows folders, e.g c:\games for instance? Also, copy everything from the cd to the hdd. Are you running any mods or patches? As some of t runs, could it be an intro movie which has corrupted for that campaign, try to find the file and open it in media player or something. Otherwise try to grab another copy from somewhere and see if that does the same thing, has it for dl for instance.
Nope, no mods or patches (although I'm guessing that the game I have is already patched, due to the fact that it's version 2.0). It's for sure not the issue with cutscenes, because all of them are working perfectly (intro, introduction to every campaign), by some bizzare reasons only two campaigns don't want to work properly, when mission is starting.

I'm going to obtain soon also english version (I've bought both because I was curious about quality of polish and english version, and both weren't too expensive) and I'll check if english one will work properly.

However, I remember that I've read in polish magazines guides to all four campaigns, so it should be possible to play (and finish) all of them. I just can't figure out, what's wrong, all files seems to fine.
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Ok, now it's really weird - I've uninstalled polish version and installed english one (it's also 2.0), and... It's even worse, because now I can't launch also Daemons campaign (which was working fine in polish version).

Now I'm 100% sure that it's something about game, not the version or missing files. But I've got no idea what's wrong and how can I fix it :(
(taking a shovel and digging up thread, in vain hope that someone will know)

Some time have passed, I've re-installed english version of Primitive Wars on my PC. And unfortunately again, it's not allowing me to play in campaign mode, because any dialog is making game freezing.

I've tried dgvoodo, but it completely messes the graphics in the menu, game, everywhere, making it unplayable. It's probably patched to the newest version (2.0), if anyone knows, how to play in this game without those issues on Windows 8 64 bit, I would be very grateful.
Hey there, fellow Polish gamer.

I had a similar issue with text crashing my Primitive Wars, but in the expansion, Ranker. I only found it in Korean language, so I tried to install Korean fonts, keyboard, windows language and did some other shenanigans... to no avail.

I never really resolved this issue, but if I had to guess, I'd seek help at the source.

Is a living community of Korean Primitive Wars maniacs. They host game files for free download, with the expansion and patches. They host multiplayer tournaments and have a forum full of technical help. Use a translator and Bob's your uncle.

Good hunting.
You need dxwnd. Primitive wars 2.0? Never heard of it so guess it's PW 2 : legend of the land, this is the game I bought back in 2002. Dxwnd will let you play without freezing but will still have minor issues the greatest being slowdown when using faction bosses in main game or the needing of saving the ranker game to a different slot than The one you used to load. Ah you need to configure dxwnd before playing and also need a very little ranker ISO (CD ISO needs to be open in my PC for you to play)