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West wide story.

<span class="bold">World to the West</span>, an adorable top-down action adventure, is now available for pre-order DRM-free on with a whole bunch of pre-order bonuses: a 20% discount + the game's OST + a FREE copy of its predecessor <span class="bold">Teslagrad</span>!

Four characters with distinct skills and personalities are on a journey to escape the ancient prophecy that hounds them. A journey that will take them through deceptively cute environments, where hero-eating beasts, dark secrets, and whimsical encounters abound.

The pre-order bonuses will last until the game's expected release on May 5.

Watch the trailer.
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Starmaker: Everything except that #$&#@^*&ing tree.

Hah hah, sounds a bit like that huge underground tree in the first Dark Souls.

Thanks for the detailed impressions! I consider short and easy a bonus at this point, since lack of time is one of the reasons I haven't started or finished many of my games. This new game actually looks more interesting to me in some ways, but I think I might play Teslagrad first, before I decide whether to buy this one.
Starmaker: There are no words in the game except some gratuitous encoded Norwegian in backround art. Games with cheapass writing generally fail in predictable ways: abstract evil (so you don't care) and abstract good (so you realize your character was full of shit all along). Teslagrad is awesome through and through.
Ah, so the story is you'll go places and show don't tell. I'm down with that. Hopefully they'll also do that with this game. Thanks.
I liked Teslagrad, so I'm generally interested. Can't say that I like the 3D look of the new game though. Will have to look at some gameplay videos to see if the artstyle works for the game and if the game is worth the money.
looks like it can be a relaxing enjoyable game, a change of pace from all the realistic grim games ive been playhing. the pre order bonus is nice too.
Starmaker: Everything except that #$&#@^*&ing tree.

- Excellent, convenient, responsive controls (I 100%ed the game with both keyboard and the xbox controller, never had problems),
- checkpoints everywhere but never unwanted, never mess up your game,
- kid-friendly deaths and lightning-fast reloads,
- awesomifying meaningful items,
- easy but satisfying puzzles,
- fun boss battles,
- collectables, and you'll know when you've found everything (ideal for completionists who want everything in a single playthrough),
- low system requirements and amazing performance,
- excellent 2D high-res art and writing (well, "visual storytelling" -- no corny shit to mess up and epic story),
- adorable protagonist (d'awww!),
- Linux version!

What's MAYBE not good (YMMV):
- It's short. I'd say that, artistically, the game would be worse if it were longer, but it can be completed in a single sitting, and dollars per hour is a factor for some.
- It's not a metroidvania. The available areas unlock sequentially, then you do a second sweep to get all collectibles, then dispose of the final boss.
- Not much room for a speedrunner to show off. Replayability hinges on its length (short), difficulty (easy) and overall delightfulness.
- The #$&^#%@$^%ing tree. (There's an area in the game intended to be serene and peaceful in which you cannot die, due to the absence of mortal dangers, where you need to climb to the top of a large tree. A reload from a checkpoint only happens on death, so falling means restarting the climb from the ground. Serene and peaceful my @$$.) No YMMV on this. $%^& this tree.
Wow! You are a hell of a salesman!
Now, I want to play Teslagrad and I will absolutely pre-order World to the West.

Thanks mate, my wallet needed that...