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Discover a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical creatures. Weird West is now available for pre-order on GOG.COM!

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Looks pretty cool. Considering they aiming for an AA+ price point with 39,99€ pretty curious if they gonna be able to deliver
Exsurgent: possibly with some immersive sim elements
AlexTerranova: According to the game description and taking into account developers background, immersive sim is the main genre of this game. ;)
Oh, don't get me wrong, I definitely hope it's a proper immersive sim. But I guess we'll actually have to play Weird West to determine if the game's store description holds true and isn't just using the term as a marketing buzzword, knowing people will expect a game like that from these devs. That's why I'm still hoping to get a demo at some point.
Ixamyakxim: Do these devs have anything to do with the Hard West crew?

The game looks *extremely* similar in visual style, gameplay and even down to having multiple story arcs featuring different characters.

Not that that's a bad thing (Hard West was a ton of fun, and I liked that each campaign had this weird overarching mechanic that altered how you'd play and what your goal was).
Don't think so. There's another team working on an actual Hard West 2.
Road to Weird West - Episode 3: Combat, Stealth, and Abilities
Post edited 3 days ago by Swedrami
Combat is looking too arcade to my taste. Hopefully, it can be avoided in most cases in favour of other gameplay options.
Post edited 2 days ago by AlexTerranova
Love Western games, but...

... just not feeling this one.

Would have more interest in turn-based Hard West 2.