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Dive into a deep action RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Mortal Shell is now available for pre-order on GOG.COM sporting a 10% discount lasting until 2nd September 2021, 1 PM UTC.

Also, we have a surprise! The Virtuous Cycle DLC, a game-altering roguelike expansion that will make this action RPG even more fun, will be available on GOG.COM free of charge from 18th August, 1 PM UTC, until 23rd August 2021, 7 AM UTC!

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Honestly, for me this was the best thing to come out of 2020. I adore this game. Warts and all.

CONS: Its ridiculously grindy with its mechanic of having to farm your items. Its final boss is utter bullshit. It also needs in a sequel to have a more in depth stat building system. Also It is too short. WAY too short. Also kind of moot one now, this should not have been an EPIC exclusive.

PROS: Music. Its music makes for a beautifully bleak world and its implementation of it has so much potential it now requires a sequel to expand on this mechanic. Its streamlined shells system does make it a fringe RPG and more of an action game but it saves so much time and energy working out a build. It captures a feel even beyond any of the souls imho. A feeling of being lost I have not felt since the early days of Everquest literally walking the entire continent of Antonica. A sad feeling of something once being here but definitely no longer. Also the way it approached endings... Lovely.

Anyway. I am glad it is here, albeit a bit resentful we had to wait a year to get it. The Vicious Cycle DLC helps to ease that a little bit.

It was definite an instabuy for me. SO much so I am planning to buy a fourth copy.(Self PS4, Gift XB1, Gift GOG, Self GOG) and Ill buy a sealed physical copy for collecting.

Devs, PLEASE Make a sequel. I love the vision you have with this and want to see so much more. Also... More cat and guitar interactions Please, yes, Thanks.
Looks like a sweet Souls-type of game. Will wishlist this for later when I clear some space in my backlog. Hope the game is tough but fair and not just BS hard but we will see.