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Embark on a heartrending journey into a brutal, breathtaking world, and discover the cost of saving those you love.
Genre: Action, Adventure
Discount: A special Protector Pack added to every pre-order
Planned release date: 18th October 2022
TheCleaner517: pre ordered. low rate me.

As expected
Ixamyakxim: I up-voted you if it helps!

I actually will also preorder games occasionally. If there's a developer I support, a genre I like or a publisher that has constantly supported my preferred genres and storefront (DRM free on GoG) I have no problem pre-ordering to show that support for a company that seems to respect me as a consumer and provides a product I like.

Frankly, if all we're willing to do as consumers is buy a game 8 years later, after the company has already gone bankrupt, for 99 cents - we don't get to complain about microtransactions dominating the gameworld, the "same old AAA" rehash sequel fest, the purchase of developers by the same 3 companies etc etc etc. Sure I've been burnt once or twice by a preorder - but I like to think all the other times have helped keep a company I believe in making games I want to play.

Maybe my $50 bucks didn't do anything... but if nobody ever does it, then we can't ever expect these companies to succeed.

Also - LOVED the first Plague Tale. Super surprise for me, and extremely glad I played it.
Exactly why I preorderd too
DerBesserwisser: Exactly why I preordered too
valid points... yet unless the company is on a verge of bankrupcy right now, I think it's still better to buy it when it's actually released - it's usually more expensive than preorder (devs get more), I will actually know the system specs by then (whether I'm even able to run it on my system)...

...and I'll play it anyway months after the actual release, after all the bugs have been patched and all the (possible) DLCs have been added :)
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