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A restoration and remaster of an outrageous and unforgettable FMV game lost to time for over 25 years can already be seen on the horizon. American Hero is now available for pre-order exclusively on GOG.COM!

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This is the first time I notice, how much Timothy Bottoms resembles George W. Bush.

But, of course: Trey Parker and Matt Stone noticed it first:!
Creature Shock, I remember it was really bad disappointment, only decent content was in the short demo.
Games with mouse aiming shooting on FMV had in general very poor gameplay - and the acting was cheesy.
Frankenstein ... might be nice but as many W 3.1 games needs some work on it to run, it's not an easy money grabber you just upload an old installer on a storefront. Maybe the easier option is an emulated Sega Saturn port. Worth mentioning, it features Tim Curry.Probably most of this games are best watched on a YT video from the daring ones who went through the trouble of playing them, to have a laugh at how bad they were.
In any case the DOS/Windows version is hardly the best option when there is a console version, at least you have quick saves to mitigate hostic gameplays and probably better graphics (3DO and so on).
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No NEWS: Release post, now that it has switched from pre-order to regular purchase, or is it just not out quite yet?