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We're barely even winded.

Today yet another awesome publisher, Paradox Interactive, becomes part of the most gamer-friendly DRM-free catalog around. We're kicking off the partnership with a weeklong 50% discount on four of the titles:

Europa Universalis
Hearts of Iron
Crusader Kings Complete -50%
Majesty Gold HD -50%
Majesty 2 Collection -50%
Victoria Complete -50%

If you've always wanted to give the genre a try, Europa Universalis is probably the best starting point, but we know grand strategy can be daunting. That's why you can also drop by our <span class="bold"></span> channel, where we'll be streaming the game live with Quill18, this Tuesday, February 17th, 7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST.
It's a fine way to get acquainted.

If you're a fan of complex strategy playgrounds, you can look forward to a trickle of more grand strategy classics from paragons of the genre, Paradox Interactive, coming to the coolest DRM-free game store near you!
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DukeNukemForever: I can't speak about Crusader Kings 2, but back in the days (talking about Europa Universalis) every expansion improved the main game. So if we could get the main game and the expansion I would also been interested. The idea with the DLC pack would be also interesting, but I don't believe Paradox would do that. as it seems they see DLCs as an important source of income. Checking Steam I count round about 50 DLCs/expansions for Crusader Kings 2.
Right, but I was thinking when they are done releasing DLCs it's possible GOG might get a complete edition or add a DLC edition to the already existing main game that was added before that.

Kardwill: Still a good game. But not a "tutorial" for CK2
Thanks, good to know.
Glad as man can be to see more games on Good ol' GoG.

Thanks from your efforts!
Holy shit! This year we'll have several publishers joining the site.
Maybe Bethesda isn't far away afterall.
Well, you guys are having a lovely year, aren't ya :) Keep on goin' :D
Damn gog, the gym is really working out for you, now every publisher wants you... Now all you have to do is work those abs so that Microsoft notices you...
l0rdtr3k: Maybe Bethesda isn't far away afterall.
You wish!
YES DRM-free Majesty without the fussing needed for the GamersGate version.
I've never really played games like these, well played these types of games well. Any recommendations that are good for people new or uncertain to this particular strategy genre?
Let me dream!
Pardinuz: You wish!
Tallima: [snip]
You just sold me that game! ;o)
Another publisher, go GOG!

I used to have Hearts of Iron, but I could never fully understand how to play it. xD
Yay, more games on GOG! :)
Tallima: [snip]
BreOl72: You just sold me that game! ;o)
I hope you have a blast!
tinyE: IS Majesty a real RTS or a strategy game dressed up as one in order to get stupid people like me to play it?
It's an RTS Strategy game to be sure, but you don't control the Characters.

Easiest way to explain it is you kind of set goal or Bounties on targets and they assemble themselves and go after it.

Very simplified explanation, there's a lot more to it than that.

Great game :)
Great news indeed!