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Why does Witcher 3 on the store page say not owned as I have owned it since release day? My account shows it as owned which it obviously is yet store page says add to cart. Its no big issue but I know at times when a bundle of games is offered as a reduction in price ones that you own are removed and therefore do not affect the price reductions.
It's to encourage you to give it as a gift to someone.

EDIT: I got GOGBear'd after posting this.
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Could it be an edition difference? I see - owned - not owned

(I wonder whether that _preorder will ever be removed.)
I clicked your link and it says not owned so apparently I don'town The Witcher 3 although I do as its in my library. Weird.
I have the same problem :(
It most likely is a version difference, which will not be solved anytime soon probably.
damvcoool: I have the same problem :(
Did you get the game through an Nvidia promo code? because that has a different identifier on GOG and so does not show as owned while the Free DLC does which makes it even more weird. Not sure when or even if GOG will fix that unfortunately.
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For me it is Pillars of Eternity that is not listed as owned. I preordered one of the edition + bought the season pass thing. The latter is listed as owned, but not the actual first piece of DLC.
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As long as you can download it and its on your shelf I wouldn't pay to much attention to it. The witcher 3 does show as not owned on my account aswell. However, I do have it in my library and the DLC does show as owned. Since I have regular access to the game I don't mind this "bug" ( I bought the collectors edition and I just redeemed the game code on GOG, maybe that's an issue)