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CymTyr: OP: You say you are the only user on the computer. What will most likely work, is turning off UAC (User Account Control) - in Windows 10 it's a pretty useless feature for me personally, because when I use Windows I'm fairly careful with what I download and install.

You're going to go to Control Panel > Family > User Accounts (Forgive me if it's different, I went back to 7 a couple of weeks ago and forgot exactly) and from there there should be an option to set when UAC notifies you. Turn it all the way down. UAC is still active in Windows 10, but as you yourself are the only user of your pc, if you can trust yourself, you can turn UAC off and have no issues unless you go to known bad sites or download bad files. Even then, 10 has built in protections other versions of windows do not.

After you turn UAC all the way down, restart your computer, reinstall Oblivion one last time, and everything should be fixed.

Of course, if you're not comfortable with turning off UAC (Some people are not, idk why) then you could google for more solutions, but this is the only one I know of that has a good chance of working without wasting too much of your time. It should also fix your other bethesda games.
kk worth a try , i'll let u know how i get on.
CymTyr: Of course, if you're not comfortable with turning off UAC (Some people are not, idk why)
I suppose you have never had to deal with the UAC being disabled on a domain network? I have seen cases where in order to get an old program to work on Windows 7, the UAC was disabled so utterly before shipping a preinstalled computer to us that I had to sent it back for complete reinstall. I could figure out how to get the program to work without local admin rights, but not fix the UAC / the run as administrator function, so any admin rights requiring actions would have required a login to the desktop with an admin account.

You would think that by reading about the multitude of ways to disable the UAC one could undo the sabotage, but somehow those computers were tampered in such a way that I eventually had to admit that I have better things to do and what better way is there to drive home the fact that this is not an acceptable solution than to make those who broke the system also fix it?

I don't even have the UAC disabled on my own computers as I rather be reminded what programs are not behaving correctly so that I can once in a while take a few minutes to search better alternatives for them.
challice: kk worth a try , i'll let u know how i get on.
Good luck! Let me know :)
No luck all exactly the same , at the end my tether now. : (
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Ok sussed it after God only knows how long .
Windows Defender was blocking the game from making any new files .
Had to go to it and select " allow and Ap thru " or something along theose lines :)
Had to find the games Launcher file and allow it thru.
This also works on Steam and Origin Games .
Thank you all for trying to help.