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If you’re still trying to figure out ideas for a Halloween costume or simply enjoy the art of cosplay, we have something for you! Ela, our friend from the QA Engineering Team, has prepared an inspiring cosplay tutorial that will make your costume creation a lot easier.

Live Long and Cosplay
Ela is no stranger for those who follow our editorials. She already dazzled us with great cosplays of Pris from Blade Runner and Aloy, the main heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn. On a daily basis, she not only works on GOG’s QA Engineering Team but also runs an Instagram account titled Live Long and Cosplay. Today, we’ve decided to ask her a few questions and to learn how her great ideas come to life.

GOG..COM: What got you into cosplaying in the first place?
Ela: Well, I have always liked all sorts of creative hobbies, as well as themed dress-up parties. Add that to the fact that I'm a sci-fi and fantasy nerd, and it's no wonder that after I went to my first convention and saw cosplayers I was like "OK, this has to be me".

What is your favorite gaming cosplay you've done so far?
My favorite gaming cosplay at the moment is Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. I keep improving on it, so the version you see in the photo is not the most up-to-date! :)

What brings you the most joy in cosplaying?
I guess I just love creating stuff. I mean, wearing a finished costume is great, but there is nothing like the moment where, for the first time, that pile of materials and fabrics starts to resemble the final product.

Can you please share a short step by step cosplay tutorial with us?
I have prepared a tutorial for a headband with horns/antlers. I tried to keep the tools and materials as simple as possible, so anyone could try this at home without having to spend much time or money.

You will need:

Tools: thin wire (available in any hardware store), aluminum foil, hot glue (or superglue or tape – if you don't have that), scissors, and something to cut wire with.

Materials: a plastic headband, fabric scraps or ribbon (if you don't have any lying around, even an old T-shirt will do), acrylic paints and a brush, any sort of decorative stuff you have at hand: ribbons, old jewelry, fake flowers, etc.

1. Cut a length of wire and twist it into a horn shape that you like. It can be a coiled horn, or branching antler, or anything really. Be sure to leave a couple of centimeters of uncoiled wire at the bottom for attaching.

2. Grab your aluminum foil and use it to build the shape of your horn. Try to pack it tight, so your horn is stable and not squishy. This step might eat a good amount of foil. Secure the edges of foil with hot glue or tape.

3. Take your fabric and cut it into strips. Wrap them around the horn base, sticking it down with hot glue or superglue as you go. Don't worry if you get glue stains, you can cover them up with paint and decoration later. :)

4. Time to attach horns to the headband. If you don't like the look of your headband, you can wrap it with a piece of ribbon, similarly as you did with the horns. Decide where you want the horns to end up, and wrap those wire tails you left in step 1 around the headband. Use a lot of glue to secure them, as they will most likely be wobbly.

5. This step is optional, but it can really bring out the depth and texture from your prop! Take a small amount of paint and any brush. With light strokes, apply a thin layer of paint all over raised areas of horns, so that grooves remain unpainted. Practice on some scraps first if you're not sure. Also, don't wet your brush! This technique is called dry-brushing for a reason. :) Alternatively, you can just paint spots or ornaments, depending on what you think will work better.

6. Time for the most fun part – decoration! Wrap the base of your horns with a bit of fabric to mask the attachment point. Whether you're going for a dark, Halloweeny vibe, or something cuter - plan out the placement for your decoration and then just glue it down to the headband.

7. You're done! Secure your headband with hairpins if it's wobbly, and wear it with pride!

This wouldn't be a GOG interview if we didn't ask you about your favorite games! Since it's Halloween season, please tell us what's your favorite spooky game!

My fav spooky game is Layers of Fear. It really kept me on my toes! I loved the classic horror-esque Victorian vibe with a psychedelic twist.

So, thanks to Ela’s tips and tricks, you can take a shot at creating great cosplay. Of course, you can discover more scary costume inspirations thanks to the Halloween Sale on GOG.COM!

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