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Hello everyone, I'm new to Gog. I used to have a Steam Account, but after encountering a problem I could get no real help with. I decided to try elsewhere. So here I am. I'm an avid console gamer for the most part, this said, certain things are of course not available for the console versions of some games, like Sacred 2 Gold for example. I'm also a model maker, I make models in SketchUp, I have done a few dungeon designs, if anyone is interested, send me a friend request and I will send you a link to those. I have actually made 2 special Dungeons of my own personal concept for Sacred 2. What I mean, is that they are both fan made models (Models Only. Not Game Levels) I have made other models too. Most popular to date is my Game Master Gaming PC Keyboard Concept Design. It's quite a hit, I am happy to give you the link to that and you can see for your self. I hope to share Character Builds here for Sacred 2. I will not be doing any just yet, but I have plans for them. I have been playing Sacred 2 on the PS3 for 8+ years now, I have learned a lot during that time, such as what works well for armour and weapon mods. It is my hope the same mods will work equally as well for the PC version of this game and I wanted Gold Edition, because of the expansion and extra character, which I am currently testing out.

If successful, I will reveal that character build. I hope to make friends here and share what I know, what I have learned from my 8+ years of playing Sacred 2. It is by far not a straight forward hack/slash spell cast RPG. It has literally taken me those 8+ years to discover the most best and useful armour and weapons modifications that I hope others here will appreciate, I have struggled with getting the Skill set right, but I feel confident that I now have one for each and all of the characters in the game. Just bear in mind, my knowledge is only Console based, though in theory the armour and weapon mods should work for the PC version of Sacred 2 Gold. Well, here's looking foward to seeing if that is right or not.

I wish to say thank you to Kelefane. I'm not too sure why, when I try to reply to your message, the messaging system keeps getting stuck. Everyone else, there's no problem. I'm sure it's some odd technical glitch here at Gog. Hence why I am thanking you here in my post instead. Also a thank you to Chandra, same problem, when I try to leave a reply, it won't post my reply, it just simply gets stuck in a loop.
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Welcome to Gog.
Welcome here.
And as a new user, you should check this link.
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Hello and Welcome.
Welcome to gog. Hope you have a good time here.
Welcome aboard, always nice too see a new gamer here on the forums. Be sure to check out truhlik's link above, for some free games offered here at GOG
truhlik: Welcome here.
And as a new user, you should check this link.
Free GoG stuff
It's kind of absurd that GOG allows you to filter out things like "Leaderboards" and "Overlay", but not to distinguish between actual games, DLCs and demos ...

Oh, and welcome on board, OP!
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Welcome to GOG! :)
Welcome to the best community ever...and I'm not even sucking up!
Welcome aboard!
We on GOG aim to be a bit more "mature" than the average steam fan. Well, most of us :P

So welcome! Game, write, have a laugh, and enjoy your stay here :)
Welcome to GOG! ^_^