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Hello everyone!

What do you think of them? I really like Litten but I think I'll go with Rowlet. I'll be getting Moon because I think Lunala looks incredible!
It looks largely to consist of the same basic gameplay of the last...6 generations with no deviation from the path whatsoever, someone who called it quits in Gen IV, I'm not sure what the point of continuing the series if at some point Pokemon isn't going to grow a pair and do what Digimon has done and actually advance the story, world, mechanics, and ages of the protagonists.

Call me when the series grows up/lets you pursue an alternate career though the region.

I'm wearing my snark mask today in honor of Nintendo's E3 presentation.
I thought they were all shit, but I'm starting to warm up to the starters since the reveal. The legendaries I doubt I'll change my mind on, their faces look way too weird.

Rowlet is the best, the others look boring/too goofy, but like I said I've warmed up a bit, and we still have to see their evolutions.
Honestly, 3d gen onward, design and coolness dropped down to abysmal depths... Also, they change some gameplay elements, especially on key features like status changes. For example, old burn would also lower attack, poison has been drastically changed over the latest gens, etc... Worst thing is the inability to trade without wi-fi and using N-servers and for 4-5 gen, this has also been discontinued, which means no more trading evolution. Even though the roms in emulation have the antipiracy measures removed, the game itself as game is pretty much meh, mediocre and leaves much to be desired, compared against the originals (1 and 2 gen, mostly). No more box-stat-training, no more mews and celebis trick either, bwah...
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I think the new starters look okay, so I guess they're about par for the course. However, the new legendaries are just... terrible. Based on what we've seen so far, I seriously think that Gamefreak has forgotten how to be innovative. At this point, they're just scraping the bottom of the barrel for new Pokemon ideas and game mechanics.

After the boredom I suffered from X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, this may be the generation that makes me give up on Pokemon altogether. :P
I only play competitive, on PC.