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Made a successful trade with

skimmie (link)
Successfully traded with:


HI PaterAlf :)
Successfully traded with:

(wrong thread lol)
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Traded with:
Succesful trade with: Ogdin!
Succesful trade with: SorcerousSundries

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Traded with: koima57, Grargar, Momo1991, Giltonnam, gbaz69, undeadcow, bela555, swarmandal, pursang007, DProject, roygbiv309, Leucius, PandaLiang, SELF, IAmSinistar, Bigs, K_1269, Heretic777, JohnWalrus, ne_zavarj, DarkoD13, rpgamer381, Brainslide, Ian, muratogut, plunroi, cdnred, misfire200, carnival73, samlii, BuzzLightyear2, m0gb0y74, Barry_Woodward, abolat, stoicsentry, isis12, Darthprymus, shadowmirage, Tarun, dyscode, Rodzaju, Fictionvision, Fesin, Iain, VVhiteVVolf, Leroux, NameGoo, MrWFixit, the_bard, InF3Ktion, Whitewraith, eny4lios, Aidinthel, Getcomposted, Azrael360, amagarr, roelibex, Alterego1972, Gabbi_it, MaxFulvus, Ogdin, tropit9
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Succesfully traded with:

- Bal83tar
I've traded with people before but never kept track of it till now.

Successfully traded with:

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^ Successfully traded with Point_Man.
Successful trades so far:
X-com (x2), duk3nuk3m, VampiroAlhazred, ThePixelSamurai, blackfeld (x2), RouteCalifornia, theslitherydeee, Grargar, hummer010, HeatherGreen

I will edit this post with links should I be able to find them.
Successfully traded with zxp930603
Traded with X-com - smooth, no problems and very happy!
Traded with themazingness - nice and smooth, no problems.
Thank you to SorcerousSundries for the nice offer and smooth trade!