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Thanks Doc, and congratulations to all fellow winners!

You've given us good news and I think we've all got a "bad case of loving you". :D
Thank you very much Doc for your generosity and Christmas spirit.
Congratulations to all the winners and Happy New Year everyone.
Thank you very much, Doc! Tremendous giveaway! It was very generous of you.

Have a good New Year, guys!
im sorry for PM doc. now i understand! i thought that draw is 1.1.2019.

thank you much and have a nice year!
Thanks Doc. And congratulations to fellow winners. Happy new year everyone :)
Thank you so much, Doc0075, for the splendid gift! Happy new year!
Thank you for the game Doc0075! very nice of you.
Thank you so much, Doc I'll never forget your generosity. I've been wanting this game for such a long time. Thanks for making this incredibly generous giveaway for the GOG community. I wish all the best to you for new year, may 2019 be a wonderful year for you. :)
Thank you very much Doc. I'd be playing already if all this snow wasn't messing with my internet. It's like being on dial -up right now!
Thank you so much for this amazing generosity!!! :D :D :D :D
Thank you once more, Doc, for your boundless generosity to this community. I hope it brings you double the joy you've brought to others, and a very Happy New Year! (Personally, I think GOG should send you a 'Thank you' for single-handedly trying to put them back in the black this year.) ;)

Congratulations to the winners and have a safe and Happy New Year everyone! :)
Thank you so much for the giveaway and the generosity that comes with it, Doc!!! And congratulations to the other winners of course!!
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Thank you Doc0075, for the gift and Happy New Year to all!
I won nothing this time (I also missed the last updates) but thank you for such an epic GA, Doc0075 !
Thank you so much Doc!! Now I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!