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Doc0075: 149. Stellaris - Desmight
Thank you very much, you're a really nice person!
Original batch 99 games
Added yesterday 45 games
Added silenty before giveaway ends 20 games

Total games giveaway 164 games.

At the very least, could we please rain Doc0075 with +1 ?
Doc0075: 21. Seven: The Days Long Gone - Breja
Lucky 21! Thank you Doc! Not just for me, but the whole super-generous giveaway!
Congratulations to winners :)
*tosses his christmas hat into the air in appreciation*

Thank you, Doc! I hope you'll have lots of typing free days coming up over New Year's to recover from the cramp in your fingers from contacting, like, everyone with their gifts!

Also congratulations to those same everyone on your wins! :)
Thank you very much Doc0075! And congratulations to the winners!
Wow, thank you very much Doc!

Congrats to all the winners and wish you all Happy New Year! (yeah, I know it's a little bit early :p)
Thank you for the giveaway and congrats to the winners, this had to be a huge undertaking. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, but could I be considered for one if the unclaimed games? The Red Strings Club or Baldur”s Gate: Siege of Dragonsphere would be great to play
Best wishes, Doc!
high rated
Of the unlucky losers so far, blastradius gets Baldurs Gate Siege Of Dragonesphere and ofthenexus gets The Red Strings Club.

The rest of the codes will be sent out later tonight.
Post edited December 30, 2018 by Doc0075
Thanks for the game! Best of wishes to everyone and congratulations to the winners!
Thank you very much Doc0075, and congratulations to all the other winners! :D
Post edited December 30, 2018 by nebulosas
Thanks, Doc! You are really Santa :) Happy New Year and may fortune be with you always!
Doc0075: 53. Death's Gambit - seppelfred
Thanks Doc and congrats to the winners!