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Madshaker: Was wondering why it never goes on the sales been waiting on it for a while now ,
i have the goty on cd but hate swaping cds to play it all the time, love to get the gog version,

hate to pay same price again for it like i did years back, i been geting gog versions of all my cd games
so i can let them collect dust.

Gog please place it on sale and also when are you geting oblivion cause i got both the orignal disc and goty
versions on cd and would love to also use gog versions instead so them cds can also retire :)

If i could i buy the gog team a pizza for all the love they show old games and us gamers i would :)
It was on sale not too long ago because I was in the same position and waited for a sale to get it. I've had my goty edition for about fourteen years. To be honest, my entire collection of games are in perfect condition and I was able to get most of them on GoG already. I think my most prized old games are Xcom terror from the deep (floppy disc), tie fighter (floppy), and the original Warcraft orcs and humans. Unfortunately when I was much younger I didn't think a game would ever be unobtainable, so I did get rid of my entire MechWarrior 2 collection with all expansions and the mercenaries standalone =(

Hopefully GoG will obtain the right to sell MechWarrior at some point and the rest of the age of pirates series (including pirates of the Caribbean).
Since I have effectively the entire package, if it comes on sale again I could probably get it for the largest discount if someone would want to trade later with it. I remember doing this for one of the Halloween deals a couple years back.
Been waiting for the old fallouts to go on sale. Maybe I'll get lucky by the end of this sale. But to be honest I'd probably just get tactics. I torrented the first fallout and while the game was great I think I got a good deal of lore from having like 200+ hours in fallout 3 and NV with all the DLC.

Even if they do go on sale it'll probably be 50 percent off meh.

Bethesda can be cheapwads.
Post edited December 08, 2016 by silent49