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OutRun 2006
Need for Speed: High Stakes
The Need for Speed
Midtown Madness
Sega Rally Championship
V-Rally 2
Motocross Madness
Death Rally
Star Wars: Episode I: Racer
Grand Prix II
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
GT Legends
Test Drive Unlimited

Yea, yea..
Post edited August 23, 2015 by davedack
We really need Grand Pix, Star Wars Racer and Motocross Madness here.
More driving games really would be good, but you can only expect generic non branded type racers or sci-fi really. Anything real life like Grand Prix 2 requires license renewals with sports governing bodies, drivers unions, teams and even vehicle manufacturers. All those entities see the games as using their brands to make money, hence the license requirements and they're not cheap.

However i do know how it could be solved with some of the old easily modded games like Grand Prix 2 and Grand Prix Legends. Take GPL where Sierra/Papyrus were unable to aquire licenses from two teams- Honda and Cooper. They simply replaced them with two fantasy teams called Murasama and Coventry. Fans then modded the game easily themselves with replacement accurate car sets made by the community. If they could do it back then to avoid licensing, then why not now?There are plenty of entire fantasy carsets for GP2 and sell it with one of those, and no license needed. Just call it something like "Really Hard Open Wheel Racing Simulator from Approximately 1967". Or come up with a better name if you prefer. Then buyers could simply mod back in an accurate car set themselves, which takes like 5 minutes.

But would people buy it without the real life branding?
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Death Rally absolutely,and Ignition
Gog can try to get Grip here.