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The "Game Photography Contest", April 2016 Edition

Thanks to muratogut, RadonGOG, benderz, Ragnarblackmane, Laulajatar, genkicolleen and Vythonaut for the previous contests!

This contest's theme is: Water. Rivers, lakes, the sea, rain whatever comes to your mind relating to the theme :D

The rules from the original Game Photography contest by muratogut apply:

Contest: Take a photo from a game, and put it here. [...]

Rules (important):
1- These pictures must look like a real photograph and without the game interface, chat panel or any similar panel.
2- This is not a screenshot contest, so "hey look at my high score" or "phear mai l33t skillz" type of screenshots will not be counted as a photograph.
3- You can use minimal photo editing, like contrast, sharpness, hue, brightness adjustment, but please no photo montages.
4- Suitable photography forms and techniques will be accepted, aerial, architectural, cloudscape, landscape, street, wildlife photography etc... Treat the contest as an art contest, so you don't have to do things like photojournalism, documentary photography.
5- Don't cheat. If you put a picture that doesn't belong to you and this is detected, your picture will be out of contest. Take new pictures for this contest.
The prizes:
* A $9.99 game from gog - random draw
* A $5.99 game from gog - for screenshot I like best

Entries will be closed on 29th of April 2016.

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Just found this cute and funny!!!

Not in btw.
water.jpg (109 Kb)
*little happy dance + cheer* \o/
Just installed a handful of new games recently... Already have a couple ideas in mind. Will have an entry soon™ :-)
Thanks Moon, and +1
Not in, just sharing :)

A docked ship from Dishonored.
A nice sunrise fom Morrowind.
A fountain from the Witcher 3.
witcher.jpg (128 Kb)
Here's a few from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning:

- Gardens - hard to tell, because water is still and does not reflect much light. It's taken in the Gardens of Ysa.
- Gardens View - a bit of perspective. It's hard to climb those walls...

- Port - a small port near the Mel Senshir fortress - the first defense against armies of Tuatha.

- Sail - Castle - I will never forget that magnificent view over the horizon.
- Sail - Land - sailing for what looks like an eternity, as if time stood still, I gazed upon the wicked land.
- Sailing Ships - and so did gaze my friends; a moment of calm peace touched hearts of every men.
gardens.jpg (264 Kb)
port.jpg (191 Kb)
sail_land.jpg (118 Kb)
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Not in for the prize but I will participate.... a lot! :)

Thank you Moon for yet another Game Photography Contest. Lovely theme. I expect a lot of participation since I consider it an "easy" theme. I'll get back later with some screenshots!
Not in.

Far Cry 3 --- Max Payne 3
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(Not in)

Kerbal Space Program / Never Alone / Skyrim
Not in

Screenshot from Human Resource Machine.
beach.jpg (269 Kb)
I would like to participate, thank you! :)

I found many, many spectacular views with water, yet my habit of uninstalling games and don't keep saves prevented me to recover them. Still, I'm playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and that game has more than its own share of spectacular scorches:
vista.jpg (431 Kb)
mirror.jpg (282 Kb)
dam.jpg (395 Kb)
lake.jpg (266 Kb)
rush.jpg (272 Kb)
sun.jpg (147 Kb)
sundam.jpg (233 Kb)
wood.jpg (440 Kb)
time.jpg (372 Kb)
prato.jpg (411 Kb)
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Enebias: Still, I'm playing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and that game has more than its own share of spectacular scorches:
I agree, I was wondering why there were no screenshots from Ethan Carter until now.
Cheers for yet one more of these lovely GAs, +1!

Great screens so far, and looking forward to more.

I'm not in, but I'll try to get a couple of screenshots in, as it's always great fun.
Thank you for hosting another one of these lovely threads! I won't be in for the prize, just for fun. I was trying to think of some games I have with water and that look at least a little photogenic, and the first game that came to mind that I actually own was Mind Path to Thalamus, so I will include a few of them below. And also an extra one of a giant head stuck in a well, but that is more of a painting than a photograph. :-)

The file sizes are a little large, so I will spread them over two posts.

Part 1:
Part 2:
jotun.jpg (386 Kb)
Let's see if this works (trying this from my phone), these are pics from Ark: Survival Evolved
image.jpeg (286 Kb)
image.jpeg (389 Kb)
image.jpeg (292 Kb)
image.jpeg (321 Kb)
image.jpeg (360 Kb)