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The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto once famously said: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad". Upon its release in 2004, Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines (-25% during our Summer Sale Festival) was doomed to belong to the second category. 15 years later, however, Bloodlines is universally considered as one of the best Action-RPG of all time. How? Mods. Tons of them.

Our friends at NexusMods have put together a list of absolute must-have mods for you to enjoy this timeless jewel. Buckle up, here they come!

Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unofficial Patch

The Unofficial Patch is a great place to start modding the game as it lays a good foundation and fixes many bugs and annoyances. The patch doesn’t only bundle fixes to dialogue, magic, and textures but also years-long works to bring back plenty of cut-content, and lots of optional changes and additions.

Bloodlines Unofficial Patch is integrated by default to the GOG version of the game. Just press play!

Dev0lved ENB

Lighting is very powerful in defining the overall tone and atmosphere of a game. This ENB preset gives more depth to the shadows, allowing the neon-like glow to shine through. It takes inspiration from Bladerunner and Cyberpunk and delivers with a stark contrast between darkness and light.

Subtle Female Malkavian

The Malkavian race is known for their crazy outfits, but what if for once you don’t feel like going all crazy with your attire? “Subtle Female Malkavian” offers improvements and fixes to all levels of armour based on Jeanette’s and Therese’s respective outfits.

Playable NPCs

If you’re a returning veteran, you might want to mix things up a little and play as a new character. “Playable NPCs” offers a staggering 135 possible options to replace the main characters from clan Toreador, Ventrue, and Nosferatu.

Pen and Paper Mod

This mod attempts to bring the gameplay more in line with the pen and paper roots of the series. It includes a number of tweaks to disciplines, feats and other systems, making for a completely overhauled gameplay experience.

Here you have it, a compressed list of must-have mods that faithfully keep the essence of the game as it was originally designed. Don’t hesitate to browse through all the categories on NexusMods, there are treasures to be found!

If you feel like exploring Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines even further, the Clan Quest mod (updated in November 2018) adds a whole new storyline with fully voiced NPCs, new gameplay systems and 3 new endings! Many would say the mod is absolutely mandatory to get the most out of Bloodlines - We’ll let you be the judge of that ;).

Which mod had the biggest impact on YOUR playthrough?
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Below is another list of various mods and patches, aswell as an expansion to the Clan Quest mod.

For the only ones I'm aware of, Google the following:
Bloodlines Audio Overhaul Mod ("full-on reworking of the sound effects"; currently just weapons; future releases include magic, world, and atmosphere)
Bloodlines Antitribu (+7 clans with new models, traits, and disciplines, new mechanics, improved enemies, NPC disciplines, companions, summons, +100 new characters) February 5th, 2015 release.
Project Vaulderie (Unity engine port, multiplayer, storyteller mode, extended moddability, more clans, increased stability, Windows, Mac, Linux, revamped disciplines system, improved enemy AI and pathfinding, less load screens, proper dialog system, multiple character profiles, full co-op support, full character customization)
True Patch Gold (fixes nearly every bug, several optional features, wide-screen fix, the "vanilla" patch)
VTMB Mega-Mod tessmage (adult conversion mod, enhances/replaces textures)
Final Camarilla Edition (Expansion Overhaul that includes Wesp's Unofficial Patch 6.5, completely changes game mechanics, open ended sandbox feel, discipline overhaul, histories overhaul, weapons re-balance, overhauled tutorial, upgradable 4th discipline, new music)
Clan Quest Mod (12 new quests, new cutscenes, 36 achievements, +1,000 new dialogue lines, 20 new NPCs, a fourth discipline, integrated mods)
The Final Nights (expansion built upon the Camarilla Edition series, 7 new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, new NPCs, new game mechanics, new music)
Companion Mod (built upon Wesp's Basic Unofficial Patch, recruit NPCs, posses companions, embrace select human companions, place companions around haven in animated poses, changeable outfits, supports outfit packs, +250 dialog responses)

For an explanation as to why you might not find tessmage's Mega-Mod, google "Hey all update 9/21/13, plus I noticed Tessera is livid (again)! page 1"
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Dev0lved ENB looks intresting
Thanks GOG! This is one of my favorite games of all-time and this list includes a new toy or two I'd love to try out.

Anyone on the fence about this game needs to give it a try. With the unofficial patch installed (included in the GOG install, awesome job guys), there's absolutely nothing to complain about. There's no more slog, no more doors that should open but won't, etc. It's a friggin' fantastic game that's actually aged very well. Ok, maybe the hand-to-hand combat is a tad clunky, but it looks great even by todays standards (the eyes!!!) and simply can't be beat for immersion, atmosphere, and actual roleplaying.

For anyone who hasn't played it in a while, or only once, try it again now with a different clan. I've beaten it with 4 different characters now, and can vouch that your starting clan mixed with what sides you chose, and when, can make for multiple near-completely different games.
Both, Redemption and Bloodlines, had disciplines diminished from what they are in the pen and paper game. It hurt especially with Fortitude and Potence (but not only those). It is so nice to have the option to make them what they ought to be.
A couple of years ago I've finished a run of VtMB+unofficial patch with these texture packs and ENB, they look great!
(the "food" pack is new to me, i've found it just now)

texture packs for VtMB
Have to say the Malkavian outfit is a favorite, since I don't really like the outfits for the female Malkavian fledging.