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Leaders, your nation needs you!

During our midweek sale featuring Grand Strategy games from Paradox Interactive, Slitherine Ltd and more, dive in History’s past and future most intense moments!

Go toe-to-toe with the Axis during WWII in the Hearts of Iron series (-75%), try to revive Alexander the Great’s long lost Empire in Field of Glory II (-60%), give shape to Napoleon’s ambitions in the Europa Universalis series or try and unify all civilisations in Age of Civilizations II (-50%)!

Feeling like you should be conquering space instead of earthian lands? Give a shot to the excellent 4X Stellaris (-75%) and its suite of expansions (up to -50%), or try the ever-evolving and deep mechanisms of Distant Worlds: Universe as you learn to manage - and automate - military fleets, galactic Empires and mining enterprises, all at once!

The midweek sale on Grand Strategy games ends on August 3rd, 1PM UTC.
RWarehall: ...
Indeed. But they forgot to announce it.
By the way - during one of last sales on Steam the discount for Thea was a step deeper and I hoped we'll get the same price level here soon...