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Lucasfilm strikes back.

January 27:
It's been a long weekend for Star Wars™ fans among us. Today marks the return of Lucasfilm on WAVE II, with the final batch of three Star Wars™ titles:

A 20% launch discount awaits those who join the fight against the dark side in the next 72-hours with three new releases:
Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
<i>Star Wars&trade;</i> Republic Commando
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Starfighter&trade;

As the Wave II timer ticks down to a zero for the last time, one of the most exciting weeks in the history of comes to a close. We couldn't be happier with the series of amazing titles we added to our catalog this week, and we're proud to have teamed up with ©Disney Interactive to finally restore six iconic Star Wars™ games back into the hands of gamers exclusively on

January 22:
The time is now! Lucasfilm strikes back with three more Star Wars™ classics available now on! This means the exclusive digital premiere of two more spacefaring titles:
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade;: Rogue Squadron - digital distribution debut, on!
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Rebellion - digital distribution debut, on!

<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Empire at War: Gold Pack is now also available for purchase, DRM-free with a 72-hour, 20% launch discount!

The timer is still ticking, so stay tuned for one more reveal from ©Disney Interactive and!

January 20:
A long time ago in a galaxy near you, ©Disney Interactive and <B></B> teamed up to bring you the holy grail of classic gaming: six Lucasfilm cult-classics were added to our DRM-free catalog, including three titles which saw their digital premiere on We also made a promise to bring you many more cult-classics in the future and, believe us, we did not forget.

Today, with great pride and joy, we're excited to announce Wave II of Lucasfilm games on! Starting right now, six new Star Wars™ classics are available in our DRM-free Lucasfilm/Disney catalog. This includes three amazing titles available, for the first time in digital distribution, exclusively on
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade;: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter - digital distribution debut, on!
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade;: X-Wing Alliance&trade; - digital distribution debut, on!
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Galactic Battlegrounds Saga - digital distribution debut, on!

We're also celebrating the DRM-free release of these Star Wars™ games with a 72-hour 20% launch discount:
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Battlefront&trade; II
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade;: Dark Forces
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Knights of the Old Republic&trade; II: The Sith Lords&trade;

Just in case you missed your chance last time, you can grab three more Lucasfilm classics for the same 20% discount, until Friday, January 30, at 1:59 PM GMT!
<i>Star Wars</i>&trade; Knights of the Old Republic&trade;
Indiana Jones&reg; and the Fate of Atlantis&trade;
The Secret of Monkey Island&trade;: Special Edition

Our Lucasfilm/Disney is made that much more impressive today thanks to our team-up with ©Disney Interactive. The 6 new Star Wars™ releases, which include 3 digital premieres exclusively on, are barely the beginning. We're not saying more right now, but we know the wait will be worth it for six great reasons - keep watching the front page and stay tuned for more exciting Lucasfilm titles releasing on when the timer strikes zero!
Post edited January 27, 2015 by Konrad
Wow! Fantastic news!!! Can't wait to get back home tonight! :D

I can't imagine how it's like to be working for GOG, knowning what's about to come and can't speak to anyone about it.. :-)
This is one of the few occasions when I have gone to the checkout
before checking out the forums. :)

I already have both Battlefronts on the PS2, but am happy to pick up II,
and ecstatic to get KotR II to play for the very first time too.
scage: I'm referring to X-Wing and Tie Fighter games.
X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter are different games than the ones that were previously available on GOG.
Post edited January 20, 2015 by Grargar
scage: Are these the CD-ROM versions everyone really wanted or are they add-ons?
Grargar: What add-ons? These are new games.
removed add-ons. It was confusing my main question.
Well since it's my birthday on Friday ... Happy BDay to me and insta-buy ... now to wait on Thursday's additions ;)
Battlefront 2? Holy mother of fuck.
Wishlisted these :

STAR WARS: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
STAR WARS: Dark Forces
STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
STAR WARS: Battlefront II
retsuseiba: Battlefront 2? Holy mother of fuck.
That's what the Pope said.
Hope thursday brings Outlaws, of the non-Star Wars Lucas Arts games is the one I really want
scage: I'm referring to X-Wing and Tie Fighter games.
Grargar: X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter are different games than the ones that were previously available on GOG.
I forgot there where four games.

So still not CD-ROM version of the first two.

Bought Battlefront, Dark Forces and KOTOR2.

Now, to start praying for Monkey Island 2 and Tron 2.0 for Thursday.
... and Star Wars Rebellion is still missing ... damn :-(
gozer: ... and Star Wars Rebellion is still missing ... damn :-(
And Rogue Squadron.
But it is not over... ;)

I'll wishlist it all for the upcoming weeks. Anything Mac would've been instabuy, but I shall return.