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(no - it's not political)

I am very interested in 19th century and earlier Turkish/Ottoman music.

For the Attaturkan epoch and the middle of the previous century I've already come across names such as Resid Rey and Adnan saygun (and I really dig them).

I was wondering however if in that school/the same era there were any modernists or other composers who wrote larger orchestral works?

I am also very interested in music from the high renaissance, and while the west certainly delivers in that regard (can't ever have too many parts!) I am also very interested in Turkish (or generally, middle eastern) music from that period. Some big youtube mixes asides I can't seem to find any of it however. Does anybody know of any composers from that time, or perhaps more generally, works?

And also 16th-17th century music from the ottoman empire sparkles my interest. I also happen to have come across a few woman composers who appear to have had some eminence in their time (Kevser Hanim jumps to mind). Any news on these? Such topics interest me quite a bit.

But I'm just an ignorant Belgian music lover, I've no idea where to look for these. any suggestions?

Interested in oriental music aswell.
See if there is anything that piques your interest:
onarliog: See if there is anything that piques your interest:
Thank you very much for this. Some very relaxing tracks in there.
Glad you enjoyed it. It is very difficult to come across someone knowledgeable in this particular musical period, and I am certainly not qualified. Unfortunately most Turkish people wouldn't know much about it these days either, so I am afraid you guys may be out of luck.
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Another composer I like, especially the renditions in this album: