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CrisMotinha: Can someone please help me? I can't download my games from the website and the gog support told me to see the downloaders, and I still couldn't download with any of them (this is the third one I'm trying)...
GOG shit up the login with a reCAPTCHA. Means lgogdownloader can't login anymore unless GOG removes the forced reCAPTCHA on the initial login attempt.

The workaround is just what it said 'Login with browser and export cookies to "$HOME/.config/lgogdownloader/cookies.txt" So, login to the site in your browser and, while logged in, export your cookies (, to the file $HOME/.config/lgogdownloader/cookies.txt. Depends on what browser you use as to how you do that. Once you have a valid cookies.txt then lgogdownloader uses that to authenticate itself; no need to use --login.

Didn't test it, but you may only need a valid galaxy-login-al cookie for --login to work.
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Thanks for the explanation Gydion, sadly it doesn't seem to work for me. I seem to have the same problem asCrisMotinha.

So after I copied the file into the .config/lgogdownloader folder I re-login with "lgogdownloader --login" and then I have to type in my email & pwd again? Or is there already a problem?

Edit: Also, logging in with --login-api also doesn't seem to work.
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oggimog: So after I copied the file into the .config/lgogdownloader folder I re-login with "lgogdownloader --login" and then I have to type in my email & pwd again? Or is there already a problem?
Yes. You don't use --login again. A proper cookies.txt already has you logged in. Just start downloading, e.g. lgogdownloader --download --include installers --platform linux --game witcher_2.

Also, GOG seems to have turned off the forced reCAPTCHA when logging in via the browser for the moment.
34e3af3 Ignore DLC count information for specific games

The downloader now uses a list of games that are known to have DLC.

This allows lgogdownloader to ignore the dlc count information that GOG provides for those games.
This means that --ignore-dlc-count is only needed when the list of games isn't up to date.

The cover list hasn't been updated in a long time but I moved it to the same git repository in the hopes that maybe someone decides to update it and send a pull request

If you have the old cover list url in your config file then you should change it to because the old cover list ( won't be updated.
Either edit the config file or run "lgogdownloader --cover-list --save-config"

If some game is missing from the list of games then let me know here or send a pull request on github.
I haven't checked if it contains all the games. I created the list automatically from MaGog's database. I couldn't figure out an easy way to determine which games had DLC but managed to make a list that seems to have most of the games.

Here is how I generated the list from MaGog's database if anyone is interested.
There's probably a much better way of doing this but this seemed to work well enough.

Get MaGog database in text format Get "pack_str" field (field 117) of every game that has "is_dlc" field (field 21) set to " 1 "
Get rid of any white space and only take the first id (assume that the first id is the id of base game) and remove duplicate entries
awk -F"|" 'BEGIN {OFS="|"} $21 == " 1 " {print $117}' magog.txt | sed -e 's/ //g' -e 's/,.*//g' | uniq > ids.txt
Determine the base game names from download urls in "downloadables" or "all_files" fields (field 80 and 88)
This assumes that the first url contains the base game name
cat ids.txt | while read line; do
egrep "^$line" magog.txt | awk -F"|" 'BEGIN {OFS="|"} {print $80 $88}' | egrep -o 'https?:[^(,| )]+' | head -n1 | sed -e 's;/file/;/;' -e 's;.*downlink/\(.*\)/.*;\1;' | sort | uniq >> gamenames.txt
Create a list in the blacklist format that lgogdownloader uses
sort gamenames.txt | awk '{print "Rp ^"$1"$"}' > game_has_dlc.txt
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LGOGDownloader 3.0
- Ported code to use tinyxml2 instead of tinyxml (patch by: Ferdinand Thiessen)
- Added support for new language: Bulgarian
- Added support for parallel downloads
* Use --threads to set how many parallel downloads you want to run
* If libcurl uses openssl then libcrypto is required to compile the downloader
- Added support for getting game details in parallel
- Added support for DLC language packs
- Show average download rate after download has finished
- Fixed issue with some GOG XML data files
* Some GOG XML data files contain additional nodes/elements that were not handled properly and caused issues
- Removed obsolete getpass() calls, use termios to control terminal ECHO
- Added option to set CA certificate path
* --cacert option can be used to set path to CA certificate bundle in PEM format
* CURL_CA_BUNDLE environment variable is used if it is set and CA certificate path is not set with --cacert option
- Moved cover list to git repository
* New url:
- Use list of games that are known to have DLC and ignore DLC count that GOG provides for those games
* Fixes issues caused by GOG providing incorrect dlc count information for games with DLC
* If local list ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lgogdownloader/game_has_dlc.txt) exists then remote list isn't used
* --dlc-list option is used to set url for the list (default:
- Made downloader work better when invoked by Gentoo's package manager (patches by: James Le Cuirot)
* Exit with non-zero status when --list or --list-details fails
* Exit with non-zero status when at least one --download-file fails
* Add --respect-umask option to prevent adjusting permissions

sha256: 4aeb7535a3e68da19ebdf6e5fa8e6553bb8087099bde660b2c883b9d28693835
md5: 093b645ab4e90d7f182b171761b94475

New dependencies:
libtinyxml2 (libtinyxml2-dev)
libcrypto (libssl-dev) if libcurl uses openssl

New make dependencies:
readelf (binutils)
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Does the dependency on tinyxml2 replace the dep on tinyxml or are they both still needed?
TheJoe: Does the dependency on tinyxml2 replace the dep on tinyxml or are they both still needed?
It replaces tinyxml
Trying to download The Dwarves (using the version packaged in Debian testing, which is 3.0).

I get this:

lgogdownloader --platform l --download --game the_dwarves
Getting game names (3/3) 21 / 21
2016-Dec-01 21:25:34 [Thread #1] Finished all tasks
2016-Dec-01 21:25:34 [Thread #0] Finished all tasks
#0: Finished
#1: Finished
inf% ▕ ▏ 90250838.92/0.00MB @ 0.00kB/s ETA: 0s
inf% ▕ ▏ 90250838.92/0.00MB @ 0.00kB/s ETA: 0s

Some bug?
OK, the game is called dwarves_the

I re-logged in and called it like this:

lgogdownloader --platform l --download --game dwarves_the

it worked, but output looks pretty messed up:
Hello I wanna repair a Witcher 2 linux game installer, I did

$ lgogdownloader --repair --download --game the_witcher_2

But it begins to download windows version. How can I repair my "gog_the_witcher_2_assassins_of_kings_enhanced_edition_2.2.0.8", assuming that it is on my home folder? I'm not a terminal wizard, but is it something like this

$ gogdownloader --repair --download --plataform 4 --game the_witcher_2

I just tried downloading Tyranny with lgogdownloader (packaged in Debian), and it maxes out at 100 - 250 KB / s. When downloading from the browser I get around 12 MB / s. What can be causing the slowdown?


I see I had

limit-rate = 0

Weird thing is, when it's set that way in cfg file - it's getting cut at ~200 KB/s. When its removed - it's uncapped. When passed as command line parameter --limit-rate 0 it's also uncapped. Looks like a bug to me.


Disregard all the above. Looks like my ISP is messing with me. I just connected using a VPN, and all is back to normal. Really weird.
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auridian: $ gogdownloader --repair --download --plataform 4 --game the_witcher_2
What size is the file you have? Believe it needs to be the same or possibly try with just --repair.