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And like... not just the cheese itself, but the questions raised by the cheese (boy, what a sentence).
"Stephen Hawking died tomorrow at age 76."

(Context here: Someone did a Google search shortly after Hawking's death, and while the death had already occurred, it was in a different time zone, so Google saw that the event had happened, but on a date in the future.)
Even then this might be a good experience for a day, but afterwards it's a pure nightmare being a sex slave without will to change anything in your life living far from your home, relatives and friends - Cadaver747
[url=http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Cheese_maker]Legendary Cheese makers are known to players for their versatility. They are capable of skillfully baiting traps, exploring fun-filled caverns, digging open magma pipes, meatshielding bravely defending forts from the goblin horde, and even making cheese.[/url]
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