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Your lawn is a 40 pound "luggable" computer and you crushed my legs with it!
"GOG doesn't force me to have a portion of broccoli with every game I bought" — by myself, actually.
Young Girl Slays Iranian Religious Police on the Metro


(The title of this article appears to have been written (or perhaps translated!) by someone who doesn't understand what the English word "Slay" actually means.)

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hard times for ancient heroes, eh? I wonder, if it was Sotha Sil, would it help to improve technical aspects?
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There it was established that if women were to employ more aggresive nipple styles they could be more effective in the war effort.
I got my first one!

"Unless a consensus is reached, night will fall at midnight"
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"let's assume that 1 =/= 0 ..."

(The context of this statement is the mathematical subject of ring theory, where rings where 1 = 0 (or rather, the only ring where 1 = 0), which allow the equivalent of division by zero, are trivial and not that interesting.)
I sent an old man to the moon
Partial newspaper headline:

"Costa Rica Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage"

(Before you decide how to react to this, the next word is "ban". Interesting how one word can make a huge difference here.)

(Also, it appears that the headline has been changed to be a bit more clear and not have a different meaning when cut short. I note that the google search result happens to cut off the original headline at this point.)
Tonight has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
fix Christian ladies in Northumberland