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JudasIscariot: In short, feel free to express your opinion on your experience with the forum in general and what you think can be done to improve or enhance the experience :)

I'd also like to add that I will eat three raw eggs if TES IV: Oblivion is not released here before 2016.
I've always liked the fact that here in the forums you can put words in people's mouths :). Sometimes even blue words.
Some criticisms:

Open to last page is a terrible default: When viewing an unfamiliar topic, starting with the last page means you don't get any context for the conversation. (This is especially true if the last page only has one post.) That setting is one of the first things I changed when posting on the forum.

The topic links on the main forum page should have some page links. If I am actively following a topic, then I want to skip the early pages and just go to the last page.

The reputation system can be abused too easily by people who don't like a certain user. I have seen good, on topic posts that I (and sometimes other users) get "low rated".

With that in mind, when the first post in a topic is "low rated", it appears as read even if there are new posts in the topic. This is rather obnoxious when it happens to a topic I *want* to follow and am interested in.

Also, there needs to be a way to report particularly bad posts that are not spam. There have been at least 2 cases where a user has posted a personal attack on me, and that is the sort of thing that should not be allowed here.
SalarShushan: Anyone else finding the default language on the main page isn't always correct for your area anymore?
Sachys: Yes, it only offers "English" as used under rules of "American English" - not that which we use in the UK. :(
For me, it offers "German", but not "Bavarian", which would be the right language for my region.
I feel I have benefited the forum immensely.
Sachys: NECROOOoOoOOOoo!
No, no - it was just resting!
Sachys: NECROOOoOoOOOoo!
Lemon_Curry: No, no - it was just resting!