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It's an odd world after all.

How time flies in this strange world of ours, eh?
Not just in ours, either.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee turned 20 years old yesterday! It's a true testament to this game's strong visual identity and fun gameplay that it has managed to remain relevant and well-loved after all these years, growing in popularity with each subsequent entry and even receiving a remaster in the shape of Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty. It's truly an occasion worthy of celebration and what better way to do so than by offering our tight-lipped friend's debut adventure for free!
Be quick to grab it, though - the giveaway lasts until Thursday, September 21 at 1PM UTC.

What's so special about this rebellious Mudokon, you ask? There's been no shortage of loveable videogame characters over the years, but from the moment we met Abe, his awkward mannerisms and desperate heroism made him instantly relatable and dear to a lot of us. Abe is not exceptionally strong or amazingly fast. He can't shoot lasers from his bulging, constantly worried eyes. But he is gifted in other ways, displaying unusual resourcefulness, determination and kindness that help him overcome the many trials and tribulations involved in saving his people from getting turned into snacks. His follow up adventures only helped solidify his legend, expanding upon this endearingly grotesque Oddworld, and keeping us hooked in Abe's and his mate's crazy shenanigans.

So grab your fellow Mudokons by the hand and join in as we hum a "happy birthday" melody to this timid, unlikely hero, wishing him good tidings and many fascinating adventures yet to come!
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Dogmaus: This is a Playstion classic, the PSX version is the original. And I suppose it can even be bought online from the Playstation Network or what's its name.
I can't feel a difference with the windows version. Just that if you emulate you can quack save, and that's one of the big reasons why I prefer to emulate console games.
My only problem with controls appers to be that my XBOX 360 controller is broken, so I have ordered an XBOX ONE controller and waiting for it to go on playing! Don't think too much about it, eather version is fine, just have fun.
Thanks a lot for the tip, friend :) Wish your new controller will be better than the old one (sounds like an ancient Chinese proverb :)