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We'd like to inform you that King Arthur's Gold will be delisted from our catalogue today, April 19th, 3pm UTC, due to publisher's request.

Everyone who already purchased the game prior to delisting will of course get to keep it in their library.
ponczo_: snip
Off topic . Will we see more russian releases / deals today ?

on topic: the game became free to play .
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File under: I forgot this was even here.

So it looks like it could be keen fun, but I'm not a MP person, so
It just became a free to play game on Steam (with paid cosmetic DLCs). Couldn't GOG change it to f2p too?
To answer my own question: I think the devs don't care enough about GOG and simply pulled it.

edit: It's actually GOG's fault. Wow... (Post #13)
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Thanks for the heads up again! :) GOG is doing a better job warning us for these kind of things!
As always, thanks for the heads up.
Looks like it's already gone.
So many delistings lately.

( Btw.. is ponczo_ a new blue? Throws gogeball )
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F2P here too or should we add it to this thread ?
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Whilst I do think it's better to get some heads up to getting none, and GOG has been improving on this front, I would ideally want it to be more of a heads up than on the same day.
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Is the game being delisted or just his gold?