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Cavalary: I'll do like a hobbit too and have a little giveaway. Not much, just five games
Thanks for your generosity. I'm glad it's not six games, as these five picks are hard enough already to choose from!
After much deliberation, I'm in for Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

May you have good cake on your birthday! :)
Not in but thanks for the giveaway and have a happy birthday.
Cavalary: Cavalary giveaway's games impression.
Yes, I would agree that Evil Islands feels little rushed at the end, probably caused by a deadline the devs had to face.

I have put in some decent hours into SimCity 4, but never really reached the stage where your city is very huge and very developed. When I return to it I'll probably do so as each time I return to that game I feel like I'm accomplishing more and more.

Had two characters for my Arcanum playings, finished the game (actually went for the evil ending) with the custom one (a Human bandit named Mr. Brko, in translation it would be Mr. Mustache xD) and for the other (pre-made) one I focused more on enjoying the world and exploration and pretty much ignored most of the main story.

As for Sid Meier's Pirates! I have managed to beat it. The final score was 103(out of 100) on Rogue difficulty. I did made it to Swashbuckler difficulty (I think that was the highest one) but it was awfully hard so I switched back, also missed finishing some side-quest.
Wee, thanks for the chance

I'm in for Icewind Dale 2 Complete. I Imagine if Beamdog manage to enhanced it, the price will be six times the current one.
Happy Birthday, Cavalary! May the best years will come to you.
Thanks for the giveaway and, indeed, great selection of classics! From these five or six gems, please, count me in for the most intriguing and probably the least known one – Evil Islands. Would be nice to try it.
I crossed paths with you at least 6 times in the forums today and it lead me to this very post, somehow. ;) From one October child to another, this stranger wishes you a Happy Birthday! Cool classics, by the way...

Not in.
I happy hobbit birthday needs a happy hobbit song.

Unfortunately they are one short of including 6 hobbits.

I'm In for Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.
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Wether it rules me out or not I always enjoy the scientific perspective that everything is energy and it can be neither truly created or destroyed; just moved about & rearranged.
I'm in
for sim city 3000 :D
Happy B-day Cavalary!

Not in, but thanks.
Happy birth...month Cavalary.
Luckily I'm qualify after passing through 365 days here.

I'm in for Icewind Dale 2 Complete.
Haven't played it before, but it looks good.
Happy Birthday Cavalary! Spend your level up points wisely:) And thank you for the generous giveaway.
I'm in. October 6 is a lucky day so far so I will enter this giveaway for Icewind Dale 2 Complete. I played Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Planescape Torment and Icewind Dale 1 and all the expansions but somehow I missed this last gem of the Infinity games of that time and I'd love to play it now.
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Er, just FYI, must now say that I hope to be able to post the winners when I said I would, but seems like I got a warning for the bit replying to someone else in my first post on the anniversary thread being "political"... Which warning I didn't even see anywhere until I managed to track down the supposedly closed support ticket that I received an email to give feedback on (and not like you can see the list of your support tickets anymore either). Leaving aside the issue itself, doesn't being unable to see it rather defeat the purpose of being sent a warning?
But anyway, since it said that another violation will result in a ban, and apparently even light mentions and replies are violations, I sure am surprised to having lasted this long and, well, if I vanish, you know why.

But while I'm here, just over 25h left to sign up and almost half of you may really want to look again at the OP and review your entries. One game has no valid entries so far, by the way.
Happy Birthday! I'm not in for any of the games. I give you Six Kinds of Darkness. It should provide gloomy mood :)
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xalegra: I give you Six Kinds of Darkness. It should provide gloomy mood :)
Oh, it's more like this. Though I'd normally avoid growls, but as an example, and to not get to those I've resorted to since back then.
My plan was to wait until 6 hours left before the deadline to participate, but I fell asleep.

Happy birthday, Cavalary.
I hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires!

I'm in for Sid Meier’s Pirates!
Thanks for the hint.