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Take on a classic, turn-based roguelike set in a 90's flavored sci-fi universe where you join a lone space marine that fights against overwhelming demonic forces. Jupiter Hell is finally available as a full-fledged game on GOG.COM, along with a 20% discount that will last until 15th August 2021, 5:15 PM UTC.

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Ruvika: Holy shit!!! That animation was awesome :D
Yes, I like that animated trailer too. It reminds of the good old time of killings demons/zombies. When we were still innocent and believed the hype of a "better world will be tommorrow".

"Now it's all gonna to hell."
- The Ripper.
Very cool.

Will grab this at some point.
Fun fact for those who did not know, and which explains the them, looks etc. Jupiter Hell is the sequel to DoomRL. The reason why there are no longer any Doom refences is beacuse they got a letter from ZeniMax about 4 years ago kindly asking them to remove any content pertaining to their copyright material. ZeniMax had no problem with DoomRL, as it was a free game, but Jupiter Hell was set out to be a commerical game from the go, so it was a big no no. I think ZeniMax was nice here, and did not stop the development, just asked to remove the direct associations. However, it is clear when playing the game what the main inspiration is.

Anyway, just though it was a point of interest.
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How to improve Doom ? make it turn based and as we all know turn based makes everything better.
Ruvika: Holy shit!!! That animation was awesome :D
and I like the cover art, pity that the game looks nothing like any of those.
i_ni: That's more like a turn-base comics. Not impressed by trailer.
Got a certain vibe from StarCraft cinematics of that time.
As with most trailers, this one only has actual game footage for the last few seconds, and it's impossible to tell what kind of game it is from that. I hate that kind of trailer, even though they can be pretty amusing, and sometimes convince me to buy the game (usually with regrets). In this case, I wouldn't buy the game based on the trailer at all.

However, I bought this game back when it was first released here as in-dev, because it is a genuine roguelike with pretty graphics and modern/sci-fi setting, and a dev who seemed interested in supporting Linux. I did not regret the purchase. It's a nice game. And for those of you who scoff at turn-based, there are several testimonials where people felt like they needed to press a pause button because they didn't really feel like it was all that slow. It's purely turn-based though. You can feel free to take a bathroom break mid-fight.
darktjm: It's purely turn-based though. You can feel free to take a bathroom break mid-fight.
That is a good thing, because there are games, where even the pause doesn't work. But you painfully need go to toilet :D