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Captain America: Civil War

The action sequences were good but the storyline was trying to be too deep for this kind of movie.
Apart from Nolan's Batman movies, superhero movies don't turn out that great when they try to be too serious.
I liked the previous Captain America movies more, although I don't this was a bad movie per se.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The last half of the movie was great, the first part was not convincing enough. Both characters struck me as being quite dumb, if not juvenile. So I was not impressed by the set-up for the conflict between Batman and Superman. Overall it was an OK movie.

Would I buy any of them on disc to keep ? no.
eksasol: Star Trek I Ii and III. Apparently, the review of the first one is crap so I didn't have any expectation and I didn't have much knowledge of the Star Trek universe. But it turned out to be the best scifi movie I ever watched. I enjoy it much more than Blade Runner. I can see how this movie inspired Deus Ex 1 and 2, some scene in the games are literally carbon.copy of the movie.
The theatrical cut of the first movies gets the mixed reviews, but the director's cut is pretty much universaly praised, and with good reason, it's vastly superior and changes what I consider to be an ok movie into a great one, one of the very best in the franchise.

The only thing that still sucks in any cut are the uniforms :P
I've watched Dylan Dog and Joe Kidd this weekend.

Dylan Dog had an interesting premise (I'm not familiar with the comic), a somewhat nice story and a terrible everything else. No one delivers anything remotely close to acting or stunt fighting in this movie.

Joe Kidd was interesting, but it is the worse Clint Eastwood Western I ever saw (not that it is a bad movie, just not on par with the rest of his movies that I saw). And as convincing as John Saxon's mustache was, he felt miscast as a mexican.
I've just watched the whole "Fresh Meat" series.

It's uhhh... alright, I guess. Some little bit of drama here, some laugh there, it's short and dry and get to the point without stretching things too much. But sometimes is silly and "eh".
It's watchable.
I've just watched Vampire Academy and it was very bad, but mostly in a good way. It's a high school drama about good vampires (moroi) and bad vampires who hunt them (strigoi) as well as the moroi's guardians (dhamphir). It's quite formulaic, but also quite entertaining. The dialogue and banter between the lead characters is funny, but some may get put off by how often it tries to be witty. It's not devoid of the usual high school tropes (who's popular, who's in love with who), but fortunately focuses more on main plot, i.e. uncovering the threat to the vampire princess. The movie mocks Twilight in a few places, which feels quite odd/misplaced, since it's not much better itself when it comes to teenage vampire drama.
Picked up the blu-ray 5-pack of the Mission Impossible movies. Watched 1-4 so far. First was good, II was too much John Woo and otherwise consistently stupid, III was good (PSH is deadpan creepy, to be sure), IV was good. The whole mask thing is getting a bit played out, though. Hopefully 5 has ditched that shtick.

And in IV, how is it that badass secret agent Ethan Hunt is getting his ass whupped in hand-to-hand combat by some ~60-year old scientist?
HereForTheBeer: Picked up the blu-ray 5-pack of the Mission Impossible movies. Watched 1-4 so far. First was good, II was too much John Woo and otherwise consistently stupid, III was good (PSH is deadpan creepy, to be sure), IV was good.
That's pretty much how I rate those movies too. The fourth one is probably my favourite. The big problem with the series is that it's terribly repetative with Ethan having to go rogue after everything goes tits up. The third is excused because I see it as something of an apology after the second was crap, and the fourth one perfects that formula, but the fifth does it again, and this time it has nothing to offer to justify it, which is why I found it mostly forgetable. I really hope they don't have that happen in the next movie again, or it might be the first in the series that I just ignore.
Mission Impossible 5 last night. Not bad but they still haven't gotten out of the mask crap. But it was only one time so could have been worse.

Tonight, Tintin. Pretty great. The cgi was topnotch, fun story. Would love a series. Should catch up on the print stuff. Thinking the in laws would enjoy so I'll try to scare up another copy.
Masks were an integral part of the original Mission: Impossible, so they have to.
Transsexual Babysitters # 1 - 28.

Not sure if I can name a favourite with so much going on.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is (you guessed it) absolutely fabulous. If you haven't watched the tv series it's based on, then you might not get much out of it. For those who have, it's a never ending cascade of audacious events, thoroughly enjoyable and even gives you something to think about.
I just watched The Babadook. Several people had recommended it as an excellent horror movie. Those people were wrong.

It is poorly written, poorly directed, poorly lighted (I think that's the right word to use in connection with movies) and poorly edited. It's a pity really, because the concept of the movie is fine, and could easily have been the basis for a great horror movie, only in this case it wasn't.
low rated
Wishbone: I just watched The Babadook. Several people had recommended it as an excellent horror movie. Those people were wrong.
I think the sequel Bada Bing Bada Boom is better.
I've just watched "If Cats Disappeared from the World", on a flight entertainment system of all places. Picked this one just because it looked "different" next to the pile of superhero flicks that I hate. Was pleasantly surprised, and later saw that it was just screened in Japan this past May to high acclaim. So no other way to watch this atm, they release the blu-rays in a few months.

Anyway, it was not a masterpiece, but was still very unique and touching. At first I had the feeling that it might have fared better as an anime film, as I find the modern Japanese "live action" acting a bit too stiff and forced at times. But then the cinematography and acting were pretty good, so everything worked out and the overall experience was great. I will be looking forward to seeing this (and hearing the excellent soundtrack) again on a worthy setup in November.

And the film features THE BEST CAT EVER. I wish I had five of those.
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Hateful 8. Not worth it. Good start, good tension building, great characters, great historical contextualization. Then wham, cheap voiceover narration, followed with ridiculously useless dragging flashback (illustrating in lengthy length what had been already revealed), followed with ridiculously boring resolution.

It's like Tarantino didn't have the patience to make the whole movie, and cut the story short. Felt like it was scripted by Jack Austin too late in the evening. Like Agatha Christie just switched the resolution chapter to a sudden "haha look no further i was the baddie all along" shootout. I kinda hoped for zombie dinosaurs and alien robots to pop up in the last minutes, for a full clear "okay i am bored let's make a different movie now" statement, but beh.

Tarantino has already made a much much better Hateful 8. It's around ten minutes long, and it's located in Inglourious Basterds. Hateful 8 is its useless, dragged out, clumsy remake.

But : Tarantino style is stylish. And damn the cast is good. Walton Goggins is truly awesome in this. Jennifer Jason Leigh has few words but a intensely scene-stealing presence throughout the movie. And yeah, Samuel Jackson is having the same communicative fun as usual. So, there's that. But it could be so much more, especially after the much more complete Django. An unexpected letdown.