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Hello there CDP!

I am so happy I have managed to get into Stress Test no.2 and I am looking forward finding any glitches, bugs as well as to review the game altogether at the point it is now, before CBT starts. I have installed the game via GOG Galaxy on Win7, 8GB Ram, AMD7970M, i7-3630QM. Everything installed without any errors, however when I choose a deck and search for an opponent, the loading icon spins for couple seconds and then puts me back into deck selection. Tried several times by choosing different decks but with no avail.

I am sure I have added the game to my firewall exceptions. I also tried to add the game to non steam collection of games on my steam account, but that didnt help either.

Any ideas what could be an issue? Are the servers overloaded? Are there too many people currently playing or is it the other way round- I just couldnt queue up with anyone because currently there is nobody playing?

Kind Regards.

@Edit: I was way too quick and havent read the topic announcing the stress test #2. Servers are currently offline until 6pm UTC, therefore nobody can search for an opponent and most of the people can't even launch the game yet for that reason. Sorry for trashing the forums :D
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RoseSanDekk: Sorry for trashing the forums :D
No worries, we had wayyy worse things here than a normal thread about asking for help :P
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