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Tauto: yuk yuk yuk,as if your word is sincere,yuk yuk yuk.I'd rather take Adam Schiff's word as gospel.
tinyE: Pretty much what I expected.

I offer you a chance at a free game of your choice, with no penalty to you, and you refuse because you know you're full if it.

Status Quo Tauto. You'll never change.
Post edited November 30, 2018 by Tauto
firstpastthepost: How do you define "standing user"? Doing it only for certain users based on arbitrary metrics would likely cause a lot of whining.
I pretty much outlined that in CW and here in the thread: a user with at least 1 year old account and minimum amount of funds spent in the store during last 12 months. GOG may vary these values or use different methods how to estimate if user is in good standing or not.

Also, in each personal case the size of additional discounts on games in birthday offer may depends on years with positive purchasing history/total amount of funds spent in the store during all time.

And, frankly: whatever GOG would or would not do, some people will whine anyway.
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