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If you could have Running With Scissors customize any video game from any genre, changing the gameplay mechanics and/or adding content, what game(s) would you want them to customize/update and how what would you like to see them add to or change in the game(s)?

I'll go first:

I'd like to see Running With Scissors modify Skyrim so that you can publicly urinate anywhere in the game including on people and have them respond in some manner either grossing out, barfing, drawing their weapon, etc. There would be an additional power-bar show up in yellow that shows you your urine recharge level. When it is full, you walk more slowly and can't climb as well, etc. until you relieve yourself. I'd like to see Postal dude make an easter-egg guest appearance in the game as an NPC somewhere kind of like M'Aiq does, only doing what he does best, causing mayhem and getting Imperial Guards after him etc.

Why? Because. Postal Dude!

Oops, unintended "could" in the topic subject due to rewording errors. :)
Post edited March 15, 2015 by skeletonbow
I'm kind of sorry I googled for this. Youtube, NSFW
Fenixp: I'm kind of sorry I googled for this. Youtube, NSFW
Bwahahahahaahahaaahaa! Twisted! I was thinking more along the lines of Postal Dude peeing on everybody, but that's pretty funny. LOL