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karasuhebi: topic
For now, find their name in the forum and hover your mouse over their avatar to send an invite.
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Point your mouse right on the picture of someone on the forums and it will show add person to gog galaxy, it will send an invite to that person and you will have to wait for them to accept it.
OK cool. Thanks guys. I just linked him to this thread and he added me.
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i am also posting here just so my friend can add me. Kind of a stupid system
Ah good to know. Perhaps my friends will find me here...
Posting here for the same reason. Hopefully they'll add a search function soon...
Posting for friends to find.
to friends to find :)
trminator: Posting for friends to find.
What bothers me most about these threads is how they constantly remind me that I don't have any friends.
karasuhebi: topic
Do consider marking one of the posts above as an answer to your question. Ideally one of the two that actually solve your problem.
Helo. Why is there no search by username or by email address?
klospik: Helo. Why is there no search by username or by email address?
Because GOG are remarkably slow to implement features on the website/forums. The feature will surely come but GOG knows when.
there are too many Witcher avatars around here. I keep addressing the wrong people. :P
det draaaaaaaaaaaaaar