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<span class="bold">GWENT: The Witcher Card Game</span> just got another major update that's all about positioning: Positioning the cards inside the battlefield and positioning GWENT in the place it needs to be for its journey forward. Here's what CD PROJEKT RED have to say about both the recently implemented and upcoming changes:

Hey there!

It’s been a busy time for GWENT, with our visit to PAX East and the announcement of GWENT Challenger — an official The Witcher Card Game tournament. And it actually gets busier from here on out. We’ve just released a new update for the game and we’re here to tell you more about the features it introduces, how they lay the foundations for what we have in store for you in the future, and what that’s going to be.


One of the major features of the latest update is Unit Positioning. You can now choose where you want to place cards on the row — this change factors heavily into how abilities interact with units on the board.

Take a look.

Up to this point, there haven’t been many ways to let your opponent know what you’re thinking. This changes with Taunts, short phrases that allow players to communicate by clicking on their avatar.

Take a look.

The board now features a Move History. It lets you review which cards have been played over the course of the match, which can come in handy when you’re looking to outplay your opponent. Like they say, knowledge is power.

Take a look.

Speaking of the board, we’ve given it a general facelift to make it more legible and accessible, letting you see more even when you’re in the heat of battle.

Take a look.

The latest update also introduces changes to cards and tweaks improving the balance and overall experience. There’s actually a lot of those. You can check them all out in the <span class="bold">full changelog</span>.


The updated board and visual tweaks introduced in the Positioning Update are the first step of a visual overhaul coming to GWENT. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but rather over the course of the next several major updates. To give you a sense of what to expect, we’re talking new targeting indicators and card highlights, card movement animations and shadows, and unique effects for abilities.

We’ve got more premium animated versions of cards in the works, with the plan being for every card in the game to have its own animated variant. We’ll definitely be hiding some easter eggs in there, so make sure to be on the lookout for these once they’re in the game.

We are also committed to adding more cards to GWENT in general in the not-too-distant future. And with all these new cards set to arrive, as well as other upcoming changes, starter decks will be getting a refresh, too.

Card abilities and descriptions will be getting a revamp as well, so that they’re more intuitive. A big part of this will be standardizing how certain cards work and behave after being played, resulting in simpler and more reliable ability priorities.

Using this chance, we’d like to thank you for the amazing support you’re giving GWENT. You comments and suggestions are a tremendous help in shaping the game and making it a better experience.

The GWENT Team
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dindak: Pretty much all cards that can target gold units were nerfed :'(

Try uninstalling completely (deleting saved data), then reinstalling. Mine kept crashing even after verifying and repairing, but a fresh install seemed to do the trick. Don't worry, your profile and cards are cloud saved, so they'll be loaded correctly.
rfigueroa025: that did the trick. thanks a lot
Glad to hear :)
Several crashes, never had that before...something wonky in new patch
need chinese plz
Lantea: Rag No Rak card now makes no sense; They might as well have trashed it completely.
So true, Its basicaly just Stammelfords tremor now
Was loving this game but with latest patch some changes to the cards are bugging me.
Thunderbolt and blizzard no longer giving additional buffs to witchers???
Come on by rights ONLY a witcher can you these in cannon as they would poison or kill anyone else.
I would have made them a silver card to limit the use to one per game or something or have the witcher card select use potion or attack non gold card for 5
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That moment when your deck takes a big *ss hit of nerf :/
I guess I'll just switch to Scoiatael.
kirss: I'm disappointed. Positioning is boring. What the point in such micromanagement? And sometimes this system will gave advantagement for game fractions, that can instantly summon a lot of units or spawned units, because, for example, of Dimeritium bomb's effect area for them now significantly reduced. Hail Henselt Goldshitter! He will rule again.
A major update will always have a downside. but keep in mind the game is still not in open beta. so let CDPR tinker with the gameplay so that the end product will be masterful as Witcher. if you look at the card changes, they actually buff the cards that dont see much play. that is great in itself.
Seems like a decent update!
Good stuff!
I'm not sure whether I did something, but I don't see yhe animated cards anymore in my collection. I can still use them in my deck though.
Hmm, Spotters got a huge nerf by making them ranged. My reveal deck just got almost worthless.
Hey guys,
Thanks for the update, the UI is much better now with the ability to track what has been played.

Unforunately I am having a problem. Since the update today, all card arworks are very low resolution and pixelated. The Animated cards are missing 3D Objects completely (the witcher animation misses one of the drowners) "Repairing" the game didn't help. Is this a known issue?

EDIT: Clean reinstall fixed the issue.
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Ranking system doesn't work, shows I need 2200 points to next level, which is level 1 (i'm lvl15).
Positioning this seems to be pointless, at least at start, but we shall see.
Otherwise its good update.
after this update this update,this game is very unbalanced all decks are ruined,and all the witchers are weak ....
TheSimula: Ranking system doesn't work, shows I need 2200 points to next level, which is level 1 (i'm lvl15).
Positioning this seems to be pointless, at least at start, but we shall see.
Otherwise its good update.
2200 points sounds right. I am level 7 and need about 1000.