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I don't really believe it after all this time but since hope dies last I'm throwing Dead Island (any version, but if they bring it here that late it would most likely be the Definitive Edition) into the ring.

Don´t forget to read tha rulez, peeps.
The remaster

Cryostasis: Return to Sleep of Reason
Dead Island
F.E.A.R. 3
Iirc, John Carpenter (as in the director) tweeted about something games-related (according to the response(s) at least) two or three weeks ago, but had removed that particular tweet shortly after.

Could have been a tease for the digital re-release of The Thing (2002)?
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Alien: Isolation
Lust for Darkness
Banking on DOOM.
CervelloYM: Banking on DOOM.
Non-BFG'ed Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil would be nice too.
Would be so happy if it would become a game from The Dark Pictures Anthology like Man of Medan or the new Little Hope release.