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btw , i don't see it specifically addressed on the site but this is an early access title
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Tallowmere 2:

Helium Rain:

Rings of Saturn:

Rise to Ruins:
rdein's works are pretty good (usually metroidvanias):

- Bunny Swordmaster Story:
- Momodora:
- Momodora II:
- Momodora III:

Another metroidvania I enjoyed was Elliot Quest:

Micro Mages is also pretty fun, and it's a platformer game:

Dreaming Sarah and its sequel, Wishing Sarah, were both interesting to me, and they are thrillers/psychological horrors with puzzle mechanics:

- Dreaming Sarah:
- Wishing Sarah:

And, talking about the horror genre, Wake Up felt pretty well done when I played it (just mind it's pretty short):

There are also two visual novels that I enjoyed:

- Kimmy:
- Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action:

And Va-11 Hall-A's kinda prequel, kinda spin off point and click adventure, 2064: Read Only Memories, is there too:

There's also Knight Club, a fast paced party arena fighter:

And lastly, although I haven't played them yet, they have pretty high reviews on Steam and are on my immediate queue of games to play:

- Oxenfree:
- Long Gone Days:
- OneShot:
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Nick Bounty: A Case Of The Crabs Remake
Funny point & click adventure
Inivisgun Reloaded is a must play for local co-op and VS action.

It's also cross-platform MP.
Nice suggestions, but there's no shopping cart?
There are quite a few low-budget-but-decent indie horror games for free or cheap on, you can check out PuppetCombo's stuff, Faith series, Northbury Grove, etc. (you can check out the YouTube channels "scissormon" or "rodteabaggins" for ideas, though not every game they play will be on itch)
A Short Hike was one of the best games of 2019 imo. Was only months after it received so much positive attention that it came to GOG (or GOG accepted it).
This sandbox game lets you build your own abstract creatures using small rectangles. The gameplay is easy to understand and I got sucked in immediately. It's just so cozy and engaging. I haven't tried any of those sims before, but there are some strange tactics at play when you plan for survival across multiple generations. This was what the game SPORE could have been like if it hadn't ended up as an Ice Age themed clicker game.

This is a squad turn-based roguelike taking place in a post-apocalyptic world that has sunk into the sea. While heavily inspired by FTL, it has a more relaxed feel to it. You're not being chased by an overwhelming force but are cruising the ocean without much pressure. Also, there's plenty of fuel and resources, and you can't run out of ammo. As a consequence, each decision you make feel less eminent. While your decisions still matter, it is a bit of a more casual experience. The game has a naive, campy style which kind of reminds me of the early days of PC gaming.

Bullethellish twin-stick shooter with clear inspiration from the original Robotron. Unlike a lot of other indies, the retro graphic feels really inspired in this one. I also like the D&D-fantasy theme, which is unusual in an arena shooter.
If you want a Robotron-like experience, you should select the Hunter character, which gives you a straight barrage of arrows. Didn't like the other chacters. Maybe they work better in co-op.
The life mechanics are genius. When you're hit, you enter the Death's Door state for a few seconds. In this state, if you take a second hit, you are game over. This is a bit less punishing than letting you die on first hit, while still being fairly hardcore.

This space shooter makes the brave choice of letting the right thumbstick fire in eight directions only. So while you can’t fine-tune the direction, pushing the thumbstick left will fire 100 % straight left. I found I quickly got used to it. The game is really stylish, giving you a black and white faux CRT screen with spots of red. Sadly, I got a bit frustrated with the gameplay, which felt a bit finicky.
The real surprise, however, came when I tried out the second included game, called EUGATRON. This turned out to be a straight Robotron clone! It has the same zap-effect between the levels and they even set the copyright date to 1982. Super great if you like punishing, overwhelming mayhem.

Another Robotron-inspired twinsticker! This one fruit-theme, hence the very lame title! Each foe has its own dead animation, and soaking the arena with their fruit juice is immensely satisfying. The visuals are extremely clear, too. Less overwhelming than Robotron, which you can think of as a good or a bad thing.