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Mmm, tasty.

GoNNer just received a free update, morphing into the BLüEBERRY EDiTION.

It contains:

• About 30% more content!
• A new head and weapon.
• New world! Fish and blueberries for everyone!
• A bunch of fixes, improvements, cool tweaks.
• Some neat new visuals because why not.
• Traces of being NUTS! No wait, that was already in the game.
Awesome. Thank you for the update!
Great, finally the PC version has been updated!
Nice! Free content updates are always welcome.
Nice when games on GOG get the first class treatment at the same time other stores do... I will continue to support this dev/publisher moving forward

Post edited December 19, 2018 by Fairfox
Cool update, but next time please ask before using our umlauts. Thank you.
The GoNNER BlüeBerry Edition Launch Trailer made this game look so good for me,
but the music makes the game absolutely unplayable, it's sort of a morbid & depressing Commodore 64 game music.
NOT AT ALL what the trailer advertises. If the game's soundtrack was actually like the trailer I would have bought it.

But alas, A No-Buy for me thanks.

The song is Stamina by Bestrack, for those of you who wanted to know. And they only licenced the song for this trailer, super disappointing :(
Post edited December 19, 2018 by AussieDevil_3142
Oh my God, thanks! This games soundtrack and visual style is simply stunning but the gameplay is brutal
Game isn't anything I could cope with, but the OST is sensational. Wishlisted just for that <3

<EDIT> As soon as the 'add to wishlist' button starts working again.
Post edited December 19, 2018 by gloombandit