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joppo: I gotta agree with this. Suspecting the right players is good, but doing it for the wrong reasons is not. Don't forget that for a townie finding scum is only half the battle. Unless you're some vigilante, after you "know" who is scum your only recourse is to convince your peers to vote your pick and having flawed arguments takes a lot of credibility out of your read. What do you think a random townie should do then if another's read was entirely built upon flawed arguments?

I know that fact bloody well because it's what I most constantly struggle with when I play. Every game it doesn't take long for me to begin suspecting a player more than the others due to a "gut-feel". That's all fine and dandy for concentrating on scum but after that I suffer to find "evidence" against a scum player, even if I am convinced they are up to no good. I still have to get a lot better at it. If I were to simply point to Catte and say "I suspect him based on nothing more than feels" I would expect everyone else to start suspecting me instead for a possible attempt of shading (and a pathetic one at that).
I am somewhat like you, and I have some difficulty phrasing my suspicions correctly(or "packaging up my reasoning") I often end up having trouble "selling my ideas and stances" to others in the games.

(Of course I still try to do better each game if I can)

joppo: Another point to consider is that when you build your suspicion upon NAI stuff you might end up on wild crusades against some random townies, like it happened with nmillar and catte. Which is why other townies dismissed those reads. As ZFR said, not because of your past or your style but because there was zero substance holding that suspicion.
It was actually that kind of stuff that led me to suspect Vitek and Lift, but you're right: I tunneled on them a bit more than I should've, and I should've focused on others as well(especially Vitek and Lift, and lurkers like Micro).

joppo: Oh and BTW, I gotta commend your improvement. You have shown yourself more focused than ever before; your D1 and half D2 were very good. Too bad you eventually tunneled for the wrong reasons. Work on those reasons and, as Lift said, soon you'll be judged as harshly as he or many others are :)
Vitek: Well said. Now you've got to join the new game.
I suppose this is aimed at me :)
Thanks. I keep wishing to join and hopefully I will in a couple more months, but right now that's a commitment I am simply not able to make. For example this last weekend I didn't touch a computer between late friday afternoon until late sunday night. And even then I'd be too tired to be coherent if I was playing.

Thankfully this situation is going to be temporary.

joppo: That said, I don't agree with the others about your read on Vitek because I did think there was something really weird about that hammer. I don't think Town!Vivek would have done it. I wouldn't call him scum solely based on that but it raised my suspicions and combined with other posts of him he was my main suspect during D3.
Vitek: I can't be sure myself but I think I would be even more prone to do so, because as mafia I am quite self-conscious and question how will everything look but as town I have no such qualms. :-)
Hmm... if you say so. But I maintain that it was a point to suspect you for.