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Even on GOG Galaxy it happens -.-
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Same here. I can't open any specific game pages. Either get a 403 or just loops me back to the list of games on sale.

Seems to be good now. Probably caused by too much traffic due to the Insom sale or something. Can't even claim the free game right now.
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Yep, I thought about maybe buying a few things for the first time in years. I'll probably forget to come back again before the sale is over. lol
Yep, I keep getting the same/similar thing. Seems something is borked, I also don't see a game I just purchased on Galaxy.

My guess is they'll fix it soon.
I clicked on the Shantae's And The Pirate Curse GA button too but dont works ¬¬
Just missed out on purchasing Frostpunk on sale due to GOG buggy-ness / load issues / whatever.

Get your site in order, GOG. Missing sale prices due to site issues pisses off customers.
Yup. Got the same problem. It became good for a while but it's happening again right now.
Has anyone else noticed that the "On sale now" link is broken on the website? When I click on that link, search for a game, and click on the game, it just sends me back to the "On sale now" page.
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The store pages for all games now works back but the GA button for Shantae's And The Pirate Curse till dont works u.u
Yagami-kun: The store pages for all games now works back but the GA button for Shantae's And The Pirate Curse till dont works u.u
Sadly every game page still giving a 403 error on my end.
Browsing the store game library is also rather broken right now. Most of the times when clicking a game it just reverts back to the Browse Games section.
The site appears to be partially fixed now, the giveaway works and some of the game store pages, although there are still some not working.
Staff are working on the problem.

As for the giveaway banner, try clicking the reddish area above the yellow button instead of the button itself. It may be a coincidence, but it instantly worked for me after many attempts with the button.
If anything else fails, make sure you're signed in and click the link below.

If the response is "{}" check your account. The game should appear in your library.
Now all Ive was fixed,so this thread could be closed e.e