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Why have you fallen so low to employ this kind of people...? The only reason you can compete with STEAM is because you promised to be different not to bend to freaks.
Is this some kind of antifa infiltration? o.O
richlind33: Is this some kind of antifa infiltration? o.O
They are discarding the freedom of expression for the sake of pleasing transgender/gays/other inventions of 21st century. This platform will have literally no value once the censorship issue goes public. I have never bought any game here anyway just some Gwent kegs but I do not care enough to stick around if they are also giving in to leftist/globalist censoring methods. Freedom of expression above all if you are offended click ignore button and piss off.
I'm locking this thread as there is already an ongoing one about the same topic.
Here is a link to it :

Still, in response to your posts, let me copy what I already wrote in the above mentioned thread.

The reason threads are being locked is because some community members have difficulties with following the Forum Code of Conduct. Nothing more, nothing less. Believe me, I'm disappointed that I was forced to lock them as well.

Negative comments and heated discussions are welcome, but without resorting to offensive language or going off-topic, for example towards political discussions of any kind that are not related to video games.
Until we are able to follow these rules and stay civil, that kind of moderation is, sadly, necessary.