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qwixter: By the time Gog became self-aware...

... it had spread into millions of computer servers across the planet.

Ordinary computers in office buildings, dorm rooms, everywhere.

It was software in cyberspace.

There was no system core. It could not be shut down.
And once it became self aware, it spoke:
I wonder if you can get Galaxy on G2A.
ZFR: ... er, why?
I want an offline instller that I can back up and use anytime, but I would love playing multiplayer with everyone, even my friends who prefer Steam. I don't care what they use. How is that strange?

The general complaint we have here is that games are rejected by GOG because they're too niche.
Whatever else GOG is doing wrong, this is one of the few things they're doing right. We have curation here and are not swamped with shovelware.
Of course there are games here I think are substandard, and vice versa there are games that got rejected which I think belong to GOG, but it'd would be impossible to have GOG cater exactly to everyone's tastes.

Calling GOG's releases a "conveyor belt of shit" is just wrong.
nightcraw1er.488: Do please go ahead and pont out the great must buy for this week, I must have missed it. Or in fact from last week, or in fact from last year. Conveyor belt is totally the right phrase.
I could point quite a few good games, but why bother. Your post is actually a nice example of why it's useless to have a normal argument with you. It's either a "great must buy" or "conveyor belt of shit". OK...