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First time hearing about this game, looks like it's going to be awesome! :)

Lifthrasil: Actually the comic style kept me from buying Monkey Island 3 when it came out. I bought it much later and found out that it was a great game in spite of the comic style. But still the atmosphere of the first two Monkey Island games where much better and it's a pity that they thought they had to 'modernize' it.
It was the same for me, I hate what they did with the art in MI3 (also hate what they did in Day of the Tentacle), especially the character designs. It never felt like a real Monkey Island game to me and it took many years before I decided to give it a try. I like the game now, but still dislike the art and it still feels like something unrelated to the first two games.

I guess the art in Gibbous doesn't bother me because it's not the sequel to a beloved old game with a completely different style and it's not serious Lovecraft horror, but a comedy game. Also, I don't find the designs as ugly as those of MI3 or DOTT, actually, I kinda liked what I saw in Gibbous.
Kickstarter Update
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Yet another update (yes, the game WILL be released(.
Here is the actual update (which also explains why the game has not been released yet)

(No word on the GOG release but I have been told personally that this will come and it will probably be mentioned in the next update)
Another update with a release announced this summer:
Finally! :D
TheDudeLebowski: Finally! :D
Yes, it is about time that the gamecard on GOG will be created. According to the devs they already have all necessary assets. I also contacted GOG and reminded them.
Oh happy days ....

Official release date:

August 7th 2019!

Release date trailer: