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So I had set up my hard drive with three partitions: Swap (small), root (~20GiB) and /home (the rest) and now I upgraded Linux Mint for the first time ever with that setup and am greeted by a not working Firefox that says I am trying to start an old version, which I am not as I have updated my system before starting it and it is indeed the latest version. When I start it with a new profile, the only thing I am allowed to do besides quit FF, it starts with the standard setup and all my bookmarks missing. Good thing I backed them up before upgrading. Not amused as avoiding to setup FF each time I upgrade was one reason I put my Home on its own partition. Should I go back to pulling FF straight from Mozilla again? If the problems are due to the Mint team, I guess that is exactly what I should do to fix the problem for the future.

Looking in the .Mozilla folder I am now trying to change the profile back to my 'old' one. Will probably succeed when my anger abates a bit.
Themken: Should I go back to pulling FF straight from Mozilla again?
That's what I've been doing from the times Debian had Iceweasel. Never had problems with Mozilla builds.
According to Supraland developer, GOG apparently is not showing sales per OS to developers for their titles, so he can't know percentage of Linux users on GOG that bought his game. I suppose that also includes downloads statistics, not just purchases:

I don't know if gog even allows sharing these numbers because Steam doesn't.
But in the gog sales I don't see what OS was used, I only see the overal number.
Can anyone from GOG please explain, why this info is not available? I see this easily being the reason, why the likes of Feral and Virtual Programming don't release their Linux versions here. Since they are supposed to be paid as a split per amount of Linux sales/downloads, while the rest goes to the primary publisher. But they can't calculate that, if GOG doesn't even provide such info.

If this is correct, it's a major blocker for potentially a lot of such games ported by them to come out on GOG. Can anything be done to fix it?
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Submitted support request with the above issue, let's see what they'll say.
Response from GOG:
Thank you for writing and providing feedback. GOG Support is not able to comment on this topic.
Developers can contact their Product Manager if they have questions.
Have a nice day.
It doesn't sound like GOG care to fix this issue.
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