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gameon: I think that TET and his ways are understanding and fair enough, but i have to say, its a bit too slow. Just look at this:
I wouldn't say I'm slow just so much as I am not all-seeing. ;)

And yeah, my actual job name is "Head of Marketing & PR", not "Community Moderator", I just end up doing the moderation because we didn't really have anyone who did that before I showed up and I'm willing enough to do it.

Good news, though. We're gonna get a dedicated community manager soon!
TheEnigmaticT: Good news, though. We're gonna get a dedicated community manager soon!
FiatLux: Wouldn't it depend on who the "Community Manager" is (The persons attitude , "persona" etc. and such) and how this forum is going to be with a "Community Manager" ?
Well, look at it this way: a community manager who's part of the team is more accountable than community mods. ;)
SimonG: I hope for GOGs sake that this is a proper GOG employee and not some juvenile idiot on a powertrip.

Less moderation is better moderation has always been my motto.
It will be someone who sits here in the office and labors under the watchful eye of the Hatted One.
SimonG: (and you couldn't have picked a worse thread for that announcement. All this off-topic chatter, somebody get some moderation in here!)
Good point. Someone report that guy in the blue text to a mod. He's bogarting the whole thread!
ne_zavarj: Since when they decided to ask for € instead of $ ? Passing this deal .
SimonG: SURPRISE Hungary is in the EURO zone.

We didn't want to spoil the surprise ... ;-)
Wrong :P

Disregard if you are being sarcastic :D